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Willy Woo: “Bull season is 99% in”

The bull run that has sent Bitcoin´s price all the way over $8,000 during the last night is seemingly affecting forecasts as well. Willy Woo appears to be ready to certify the death of the bear market.

Willy Woo, a well-known crypto author and sometimes forecaster, twitted the following message during the latest price increase. Woo appears to consider the crossing of the 200 days moving average is an almost certain sign of bull dominance over the market.

However, there is one thing missing for Woo to call for a 100% bull season. That is the on-chain volume, which he defines as “a proxy to longer term investor activity”. He expects it to come back after the currently ongoing pull takes a brake and retraces somehow, meanwhile investors attempt at buying the dip:

Plenty of commenters in the thread shared their opinions about Woo´s forecast, complementing it with their own in some occasions:

Interestingly, about 3 weeks ago Woo publish a tweet summing up the chances that the bottom was in, according to plenty of highlighted crypto personalities. To no surprise, Woo came on top with a 95% chance that the bottom was in back on the 22nd of April.



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