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Top 4 Ways to buy XRP in 2019



As the year 2019 trucks along, it seems likely the current price trend will attract new holders and investors over time. For fans of Ripple’s asset, being able to buy XRP in a quick and convenient manner will be a top priority. The following trading platforms can all suit this need, depending on one’s personal preferences.

Buy XRP With BTC: Binance/OKEx/Huobi Global/Poloniex

Most of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms allow users to freely interchange XRP and Bitcoin. This also means anyone with access to Bitcoin can quickly diversify a portfolio without much friction. Binance is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by vole and public sentiment. Its XRP/BTC pair always generates tremendous liquidity, thus obtaining Ripple’s asset will not pose any major challenges.

The same can be said about OKEx, albeit this trading volume seems to generate a lot less buzz among enthusiasts. Its own XRP/BTC trading pair generates nearly $30m in volume every single day, which means Bitcoin holders can easily obtain RIpple’s asset through this platform. Having multiple options at one’s disposal is never a bad thing, after all.

Another option which has always remained somewhat popular among altcoin users is Poloniex or Bittrex. Both are prominent altcoin-oriented exchanges, which have built up a decent reputation over the years. Poloniex is now under professional management since it was acquired. Bittrex is actively complying with regulations in several regions. Both options are solid to exchange between Ripple’s asset and Bitcoin, albeit they both generate less trading volume compared to Binance and OKEx.

Buy XRP With Euros: Kraken/Bitstamp/Coinbase Pro

When it comes to dealing with fiat currencies, the list of accessible exchanges suddenly becomes a lot shorter. For European users, Kraken is always an interesting option. It is the most prominent XRP/EUR trading platform right now, with over five times the volume of both Bitstamp and Coinbase Pro. It is good to see so many different platforms

paying attention to European users. After all, it is an important market which should never be overlooked.

Buy XRP With USD: Coinbase Pro/Bitfinex/Bitstamp/Kraken

For American users looking to get their hands on some XRP, numerous options are at one’s disposal. The most recent addition of Coinbase Pro is expected to push XRP’s liquidity through the roof, albeit that has not happened as of yet. Coinbase Pro is one of the most respected cryptocurrency trading platforms in the US, as well as other parts of the world.

Other options for American users include Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and Kraken. Bitfinex is, right after Coinbase Pro, the platform generating most of the XRP/USD trading liquidity at this time. Bitstamp is not too far behind, yet Kraken seems to be generating half of Bitfinex’s volume these days. All of these options are worth exploring, depending on one’s personal preferences. One has to feel comfortable using specific platforms, thus making a well-informed decision is crucial.

Buy XRP with USDT: OKEx/Binance/Huobi Global

There are dozens of different trading platforms which provide exposure to XRP through Tether’s USDT asset. In terms of reputable and trusted exchanges, most users lean toward using either OKEx, Binance, or Huobi Global. This list should not come as a big surprise to enthusiasts, even though some of the other platforms tend to generate a lot more liquidity.

Some of those platforms include BW.Com, Bit-Z, BCEX, and DigiFinex. It is a bit odd to see so much XRP/USD volume on these platforms, yet hardly anyone seems to openly tell others to use them. Keeping an eye on all options is crucial in this industry, where it is all about empowering the end user. It is certainly possible even more trading platforms will offer this particular pair in the future.

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XRP has been boosted a lot this year by Ripple. The San Francisco-based company has been promoting all of its products and has been making sure to boost the adoption of the digital asset XRP as well.

New platform to add XRP

Now, the crypto trading platform called Luno is exploring the addition of XRP in Malaysia.

The company’s GM of Southeast Asia, David Low, said that XRP could debt on the exchange as early as 2020, according to the Malaysian Reserve.

He also cited Ripple’s efforts to use the coin to power cross-border remittances.

“It is definitely a possibility we are exploring. However, it is not yet listed on Luno…” Low said.

He continued and explained that “Ripple also has a remittance use case which we are excited about. That’s why we want to introduce it to Malaysians, as it allows people on the platform to access and learn about it, and figure out new

ways to use this technology for their benefits.”

According to the reports coming from the online publication the Daily Hodl, Luno is one of three exchanges that has been approved to sell digital assets in the country.

Ripple launches a new portal for developers

Ripple created a new portal for developers.

The portal that Ripple is creating is called and it’s designed to provide developers a one-stop-shop in order to manage “everything they need when it comes to integrating payments into their applications and a way to unify the various platforms they already use,” according to official notes.

The platform also features a custom wallet that allows engineers to test XRP payments and also to create addresses.

This can all be achieved without having to spend fiat currency.

Other than this, in terms of pricing, Ripple and XRP fans have been hoping to see a boost in the price of the digital asset, but this failed to happen in 2019.

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XRP Liquidity Index Surges Past 9 Bln, Leaving Previous All-Time High Behind



The Liquidity Index for XRP paired with MXN reaches another all-time high of 9 mln, taking the XRP adoption in this sector to a new level-

The Ripple-invested Mexican Bitso exchange is a partner of Ripple and MoneyGram in the Mexican On-Demand Liquidity corridor launched this year. Bitso is the largest Mexican exchange and its participation in the Ripple and MoneyGram’s project has been successful.

The Liquidity Index for XRP in Mexico adds another million

The Liquidity Index for the XRP/MXN pair is growing fast, leaving behind one all-time high after another.

Today, on December 14, this index has taken a new level and got over the 9-mln mark with the daily progress being 92 percent.

The highest liquidity mark achieved previously was slightly under 8,568,000.

Another active ODL corridor leads to the Philippines through the local Coin.Ph exchange and its liquidity index has also risen for the first time recently.

XRP gets mentioned by the US government

As reported by U.Today, the US governmental agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), has for the first time mentioned XRP in its document, describing the asset as a reliable remittance method which makes the process much

faster and cheaper for companies that have a limit on conducting money wires each year.

The document called Ripple and XRP a safe harbor. It also called Ripple one of disruptors of the remittance industry, as well as the new SWIFT’s GPI system, a rival of Ripple.👉MUST READ

Large XRP transactions keep pestering the community

Recently, a large XRP transaction was spotted by the Whale Alert Twitter account when a whopping 150 mln XRP was sent from one anonymous account to another.

Many in the XRP community often criticize those who do them, with Ripple getting the largest portion of criticism, when every month it releases 1 bln XRP from its escrow account. The community believes that these dumps keep the coin’s price low.

There may be a grain of truth in this, since the XRP price has been unable to cross the $0.30 threshold for a long time and recently, after dropping below $0.22, it has been floating in the $0,21 area.

Even the much-expected SWELL conference, annually conducted by Ripple, did not push the XRP price to the North, breaking expectations of many investors.

XRP price CMC

Image via CoinMarketCap

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Ripple-Based Remittance Firm SendFriend Claims to Save Up to 80% in Fees



Blockchain-based money transfer startup SendFriend utilizes Ripple’s technology to save up to 80% in remittance fees, according to a blog post published on Dec. 12.

SendFriend uses Ripple’s xRapid product for cross-border payments, converting between the United States dollar, XRP and Philippine pesos and circumventing the longer process of traditional banking systems.

Philippines-focused remittance platform

SendFriend’s money transfer app aimed at reducing annual remittance fees for cross-border Filipino workers claims to lower such transaction costs by up to 75%. What makes it possible, according to the startup’s CEO, David Lighton, is RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) technology.

With ODL, RippleNet’s users can utilize digital token XRP to bridge two currencies in three seconds. “We can now source liquidity, on-demand and depress those transaction costs by

up to 75%,” said Lighton, and further added that the firm managed to reduce charge up to 2%.

Blockchain payment network enhancement

SendFriend joined the RippleNet payment network in January, along with other financial industry players such as JNFX, Transpaygo, FTCS and Euro Exim Bank. In February, SendFriend received $1.7 million in investments from Ripple, the Mastercard Foundation, MIT Media Lab and Barclays among others in a funding round. 

In late July, Chile-based peer-to-peer remittance company CurrencyBird also joined RippleNet. The partnership ostensibly allows CurrencyBird to add new routes to its more than 50 already existing destinations, new currencies, better prices and faster transfer speeds.

That same month, in a bid to drive greater financial inclusion, Philippines-based UnionBank launched a payments-focused stablecoin pegged to the Philippine peso.

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