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Microsoft’s Daniel Buchner says open public blockchains are the most viable options to achieve decentralization

With Bitcoin breaking into the mainstream space, the latest WhatBitcoinDid interviewfeatured a discussion with Microsoft’s Daniel Buchner to identify the company’s outlook towards blockchain, open source, and its mass adoption.

Buchner detailed Microsoft’s vision to decentralize user identity and claimed that “open public blockchains” are the most viable options to achieve the same. He also stated that “decentralized money and decentralized identity go hand-in-hand in solving problems,” but only if implemented without imposing undue weight on the blockchain.

Moreover, Buchner also explained how market-type services that require some kind of centralized entity could gather user data through voluntary disclosure. In fact, Microsoft’s Project Ion would not display any personal information, ensuring no compromise on sensitive information, he added.

The discussion also uncovered Microsoft’s future plans of “implementing new cryptographic schemes for recovering secrets.” Supporting this move, Buchner said,“Privacy is important so but at the same time it has to be super easy. Decentralizing entities is your choice, and we just want to make sure that people have that choice.”

While further discussing Microsoft’s intention to enable total decentralization, he also added that the company’s sole motive was to reduce the overall complexity of every individual involved in it. It is clear that Microsoft has not yet found any other crypto-related applications, but is actively looking for places to find “a good fit” for.

While concluding the interview, Buchner said that he does not care about miner’s fee until the whole layer has completed its development and execution. Further, Microsoft expects the rise of an ecosystem of companies that will leverage Microsoft’s technology as the base to enable further decentralization.



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