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Why You Should Consider Investing in STELLAR (XLM)



Stellar (XLM) is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset, a medium of exchange for secure financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies use a decentralized control as opposed to common central banking systems. This decentralization is usually controlled by a distributed ledger technology like blockchain processes.

The well-known Bitcoin currency, first released in 2009, is considered as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. However, since its release, over 4.000 alternative cryptocurrencies have been created. Stellar (XLM) is one of them, and it may unveil more value than most current altcoins.

The internet is made up of network servers containing our date, websites and applications. Like the Internet, Stellar is a network of decentralized servers in many locations that power the distributed ledger. This ledger records every transaction in the system for people and companies alike.

A complete copy of the global ledger exists on each Stellar server. The network become more robust and secure with more servers as they communicate with each other to verify transactions and sync the ledger periodically. The ledger records your money as credit, issued by anchors.

Anchors act as bridges between a given currency and the Stellar network. Banks and payment processors are an example of real-world anchors. The credit is issued to your online account, just like a virtual wallet, in exchange for deposits. Anchors have to be trusted to hold your money. Credit can be sent and received between people of the network.

Stellar has a distributed exchange so you can also send USD credit using EUR credit between your friends. The network will do it at the lowest rate possible. They will then receive the money which can then use by withdrawing using an anchor supporting the currency.

One lumen (XLM) is a unit of digital currency, like a bitcoin. Lumens are the native asset of the Stellar network. While you can’t hold a lumen in your hand, they are essential to the Stellar network—they contribute to the ability to move money around the world and to conduct transactions between different currencies quickly and securely.

Now that you know how crypto works and what Stellar does differently, why should you consider starting investing in it?

Deloitte, one of the world’s largest financial consulting firms, set out to innovate in the core banking space with blockchain technologies. They had a prototype that reduced transaction costs by 40%. Each transaction resolved in 5 seconds. Eric Piscini said, “the client was amazed by how fast and how cheap those transactions were.” In other words, this partnership launches the cryptocurrency world to a new higher level.

Although many recall all the buzz, regarding the Bitcoin value crash and the consequent controversy, Stellar invests in a continuous development approach. The partnership between Stella Lumens and IBM runs deep. They’ve announced steady progress on a wide range of shared initiatives. IBM along with 12 other banks across the world have joined hands for the faster transaction of financial assets throughout the world.

What about predictions? Stellar has been maintaining a steady trend since the beginning of 2019 with the price of the coin peaking up to 0.13 USD in the April. Stellar’s recent listing on the coinbase platform is now making it more accessible to the traders, and hence a price surge of over 75% can be expected till the end of 2019 with the highest peaking to almost 0.15 USD.

Google and other big companies already predicted that in the next 2 years, the value of each XLM coin will fall between 10 USD and 100 USD. Nothing is certain as cryptocurrency come and go, however, Stellar seams to be the one to bet on when it comes to target a bigger future revenue in the near future.

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Stellar Lumen (XLM) Price Start Fresh Increase Above $0.1350



  • Stellar lumen price is facing a few key hurdles near $0.1320 and $0.1345 against the US Dollar.
  • XLM price is holding the $0.1250 support and it could continue to rise in the near term.
  • There is a short term breakout pattern forming with resistance at $0.1280 on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair is currently moving higher and it looks set for an upside break above $0.1300.

Stellar lumen price is gaining traction and it could climb above $0.1350 against the US Dollar. XLM price must stay above the $0.1200 level to remains in a positive zone.

Stellar Lumen Price Analysis (XLM to USD)

This past week, stellar lumen price gained tractionabove the $0.1300 resistance against the US Dollar. The XLM/USD pair even broke the $0.1320 resistance and settled above the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). However, the price failed to clear the $0.1345 and $0.1350 resistance levels. A swing high was formed near $0.1345 and the price recently corrected lower.

It broke the $0.1300 support to move away from the pivot levels. The price even traded below the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the upward move from the $0.1204 low to $0.1345 high. Finally, there was a spike below the $0.1250 support, the 55 simple moving average (4-hours), and the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level of the upward move from the $0.1204 low to $0.1345 high.

However, the $0.1244 level acted as a support. Moreover, the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level of the upward move from the $0.1204 low to $0.1345 high also provided support. At the moment, the price is moving higher and is currently stable above $0.1250. Besides, there is a short term breakout pattern forming with resistance at $0.1280 on the 4-hours chart.

Therefore, it seems like the price is forming a breakout pattern either above $0.1300 or below $0.1250. If there is an upside break, the price could retest the $0.1320 or $0.1350 resistance. On the downside, the main support is near $0.1250, below which the price may slide towards $0.1180.

Stellar Lumen Price Analysis (XLM to USD)

The chart indicates that XLM price is trading with a positive bias above the $0.1250 level. If there is a clear break above the $0.1300 and $0.1320 levels, the price is likely to gain bullish momentum. In the mentioned scenario, the price may even climb further above the $0.1400 and $0.1420 levels. The next key resistance is near $0.1500.

Technical Indicators

4 hours MACD – The MACD for XLM/USD is slowly moving in the bullish zone, with a positive bias.

4 hours RSI – The RSI for XLM/USD is currently just near the 50 level, with a positive angle.

Key Support Levels – $0.1250 and $0.1220.

Key Resistance Levels – $0.1300, $0.1320 and $0.1350.

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Crypto Enthusiasts Forecast Potential 100% Stellar (XLM) Price Growth in a Month



Despite all misfortunes and the bearish mood on the market, Stellar will grow. When? Read XLM price forecasts from TradingView

How is Stellar doing? The world’s 10th largest cryptocurrency has been through bad times: it keeps falling in search of the second bottom, but traders claim that the accumulation phase is almost over. Soon, XLM is expected to surprise us. How exactly? Let’s check Stellar price forecasts from tradingview users.

Pump to $0.15 in June

Target: $0.15-0.16 at the end of June

Stellar (XLM) price chart from TradingExpert02

As we know, Stellar depends on banking, and its project focuses on Decentralized Exchange, in which there are some projects (SLT and CLN).

SLT did a great job in the past year, but now it’s time for CLN, which is trading at around 0.21 XLM per coin. They are providing a platform to Freelancers. Cryptolancers (CLN) is recently listed on Stellarport, having high volume and best price. All of that has attracted big whales these days to invest in Cryptolancers. So the track of Stellar (XLM) can lead it to $0.15-0.16 in the end of June. So it’s better to keep both CLN and Stellar. Why? As the user predicted before, the price of CLN it will be 2 XLM in the upcoming month.

XLM/BTC prepares for amazing longs!

There are two amazing opportunities to buy XLM

Stellar (XLM) price chart from ChaseWallace

User ChaseWallace predicts a few amazing things for Stellar.

1st amazing buy would be right now with a stop under the bear market low (great risk/reward ratio).  

The 2nd amazing buy would be the obvious next one when Stellar starts beating the first resistance lines.

There’s no explanation how this will go and when exactly it happens, but it’s clear that Stellar grants us cool trading opportunities.

The trend is reversing!

Potential wedge is forming up

Stellar (XLM) price chart from CChartist

We know that Bottom Head & Shoulders Pattern has recently been formed, and the price failed to stay above the critical resistance levels (H&S neckline and the blue EMA 200). Currently, a potential wedge is forming up, and we should be bullish if the price breaks $0.132 with a final target of $0.19. We should short/stop if the wedge breaks downward.👉MUST READ

Bull flag pattern for XLM

Buy XLM at 12-14 cents

Stellar (XLM) price chart from YMula

The price chart from YMula provides us with a few trading tips: we should accumulate between $0.12-0.14 and release the sum between $0.18-0.20 to gain profits.

Head & Shoulders pattern – check it out!

XLM will go to the moon!

Stellar (XLM) price chart from jackimbek

This price chart proves that XLM is ready to go to the Moon! Good time for potential investments: there’s an H&S pattern that has formed. We should go long with pattern confirmation or accumulate before the break out, using stop-loss strategy.

Final thoughts

Now when XLM has broken out of the triangle, it’s expected to move up even despite the recent pessimistic moods on the market. Many crypto experts and amateur users predict that XLM should hit the $0.25 target, thus, growing by 100%. Some traders claim that it should reach the $0.30 threshold in the short term.

The last broken wedge was followed by a strong sell off. Looks like the market needs to reset before rallying, so let’s see if history repeats and Stellar goes through another strong rally again.

As for XLM/BTC pair, we are waiting for a 4H price chart to confirm a bullish SFP, even after a double retest of the 4H pivot. Full confirmation of bullish period will be at 1476 satoshi with high bullish volume off of a bounce from here.

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XLM Slip, Will Stellar-IBM Partnership Be in Tatters After Lund’s Exit?



  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) prices steady and out of the top 10
  • World Wire proponents, Jesse Lund, and CTO Stanley Yong, exit IBM

The exit of Jesse Lund, the global head of blockchain for financial services and digital currencies, and CTO Stanley Yong of IBM could jeopardize their partnership with Stellar. Even though XLM is bullish, participation is low. The only pass for higher highs is if prices rally past 13 cents.

Stellar Lumens Price Analysis


The success of any blockchain depends on what it brings on the table. That is, use case. If it finds that and the network benefits from the network effect, then whether the project goes forward or not is heavily reliant on well-oiled partners. In the case of Ripple, more than 200 global banks are part of the process. Because of that Brad Garlinghouse and team, has the impetus for building infrastructure that will replace SWIFT as a real-time global payment platform.

Meanwhile, Stellar as a competing platform, has the backing of an experienced, century-old phenomenon in IBM. Better known as Big Blue, the American giant prides in the World-Wire. Out of the gate, Stellar now supports 42 different currencies from 72 countries thanks to the involvement of IBM.

Their objective is outright: Battle it out with Ripple and onboard as many banks as possible to their network. Enabling this is innovation and determination. Already, six banks will be launching stablecoins on the Stellar network. However, all this is under threat following the departure of CTO Stanley Yong and Jesse Lund. They were instrumental in pushing World Wire on the Stellar network.

Candlestick Arrangement

Stellar Lumens XLM

Presently, XLM is steady, off the top ten and struggling to keep up. Replaced by ADA and within range from TRX, XLM market cap is susceptible to another Flipping. All the same, there is an opportunity for savvy traders.

Trading within a bullish breakout pattern and ranging below Q1 2019 highs, XLM is technically bullish. As such, aggressive traders can buy the dips as long as prices are above 11 cents or June low.

Meanwhile, conservative traders keen on trading clear signals, any close above 13 cents or May high is a chance. In that scenario, every low would be a buying opportunity with a modest target at 18 cents. Ideally, accompanying this upsurge should be high trading volumes confirming buyers of early May. That will set the motion for further gains with traders aiming at 30 cents.

Technical Indicator

From above and as reiterated, any upsurge above 13 cents ought to be with high participation. For this reason, the over-extension of May 16th leads this bar. It has high trading volumes of 5.45 million. Therefore, breaks above 13 cents or 11 cents (nullifying this trade plan) ought to exceed 5.45 million.

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