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The 2nd Annual Conference of BlockHedge Business 2019 in Bangkok is set to create ripples in The Blockchain world



After putting together, a series of successful blockchain conferences, BlockHedge is all set to unite leading stakeholders in the crypto sphere in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand, as we know is one of the most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency centers on account of its favorable business environment, regulations and tax rates. It is home to a few of the most prominent crypto powerhouses, which is why it has been attracting the sizeable attention of all those involved in the field.

In light of its business-friendly environment, blockchain entrepreneurs, key industry individuals, businessmen, top government officials, and blockchain enthusiasts have been valuing the region to expand their blockchain technology-led business.

To amplify the manifestation possibilities of their growth aspiration, Block-Hedge has been carefully designed as the perfect avenue to bring all together for an insightful day-long event on 23rd August 2019, Bangkok.

The conference is scheduled to take place at Grand Hyatt, with an agenda that is going to be bundled with a meaningful takeaway for all those who attend.

The guiding philosophy behind the event is to discover the future and amplify the growth of the most powerful and disruptive technology in the present time.

The entire focus of the spectrum of talks and panel discussions is to bring focus on the practical aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and what it means for driving business results. The networking opportunities as a part of it, are sure to be extremely meaningful, with the backing of a plush gathering of blockchain business stakeholders, investors and the media.

Some of the noteworthy speakers who already confirmed are:

Jason HSU, CryptoCongressman & Legislator of Taiwan

Giang Le Ngoc, Legal and Policy Expert, Ministry of Justice, Vietnam

SathitLimpongpan, Chairman, The Stock Exchange of Thailand

PrinnPanitchpakdi, Governor, The Stock Exchange of Thailand

AunchisaTapanakornvut, Senior Officer [Fintech], SEC Thailand

Reuben Yap, Co-founder, Zcoin

Tom Howard, Venture Capitalist TaureonTaureon

Christian Mischler, Partner at Swiss Founders Fund

Mark Smedley, VP- Global Industry Lead Ex-Oracle

MonsineeKeeratikrainon, MD at Accenture Thailand

The expected count of the attendees, going exactly by the significant traction of the earlier chapters is at least 500. In the earlier events, as much as 70 percent of the conference participants were noted as C level executives, and about 20 percent – investors. Also, participation has been confirmed by leading business names such as Bitcoin Gold, PwC, Arcadia Crypto Ventures, and TDA Capital London and many more.


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Algorand, a Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Company, Goes Open Source



Algorand, a permission-less, proof-of-stake blockchain and technology company, announced that their node repository is now open source.

Part of Algorand’s ongoing mission to develop and promote a decentralized blockchain, the company has made several of its projects open source over the past year, including a Verifiable Random Functionand their Developer SDKs.

The blockchain’s nodes are run by diverse entities — businesses, individuals, and consortiums — spread across many countries, according to the company website. The decentralized voting mechanism pools and randomly selects these users to develop a unique committee to approve every block.

Now that the process is open source, Algorand hopes to further their exploration of the “borderless economy and… evolve blockchain.”

The company also announced a partnership with Flipside Crypto to provide a free user engagement analytics suite. This toolbox gives Algorand-based developers user insight, to help build the most applicable and relevant Dapps.

The Flipside Crypto partnership allows developers to annotate their Dapp addresses, monitor the live number of active addresses, and compare their Dapp’s activity to other Dapps on Algorand’s platform.

This ties in with the tools already provided by Algorand, such as free SDKs. which have been used to develop a number of media, entertainment, real estate, and financial services applications.

Backed by Pillar and Union Square Ventures, and an unnamed “broad global investment group” to the tune of nearly $70 million, Algorand prides itself for building the technologies that will remove the “technical barriers that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption: decentralization, scale, and security.”


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Rhode Island is exploring blockchain technology to improve state operations



  • The idea can only be initiated after the state approves the request for proposal (RFP).
  • A technical evaluation committee will review the RFP.

Rhode Island has issued a request for proposals (RFP) to explore the possibility of blockchain technology incorporation for government use. Liz Tanner, Director of the Department of Business Regulation, stated that she believes that blockchain can bring modernization in the government and would make bureaucracy in the state more efficient. Apparently, they are not looking for specific solutions, but are just intrigued by its possibilities. A memo following the RFP states: 

“Suggested areas of application… include antifraud, contracts, medical marijuana, records, notarization, registration and licensing, investigative evidence control and more.”

Brenna McCabe, director of public affairs for the Department of Administration in Rhode Island, told Government Technology that it will allure more bidders who are required to submit two proofs of concept for blockchain application. The idea can only be initiated after the state approves the RFP. The memo also states:

“With proofs of concept, [Rhode Island] can gain a better understanding of the maturity of blockchain technologies and platforms, as well as potential sustainability in state government operations.” 

A technical evaluation committee composed of staff from various state agencies will review the RFP. However, McCabe admitted that they face significant hurdles from laws, regulations and licensing structures that would require changes to allow for blockchain use.


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Government and financial regulators in Brazil exploring use of Blockchain



  • Brazilian authorities are keen to adapt to new emerging technologies, such as blockchain.
  • The Central Bank of Brazil, the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP), and the Ministry of Economy’s Special Secretariat for Finance are working together

The government and financial authorities in Brazil are working on a project for the development of a regulatory sandbox type model. They are keen to target new technologies such as blockchain.

In terms of the authorities; the Central Bank of Brazil, the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP), and the Ministry of Economy’s Special Secretariat for Finance are working together to ensure they adapt to tech such as blockchain, exploring how it is affecting the financial industries within the country.

The CVM detailed that the project implies that emerging technologies in the likes of; blockchain, robotics and AI have facilitated the establishment of new business models. They of which have been able to come up with new products and services of higher quality and scope.


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