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The road to $1 for XRP in 2019

Along with the rest of the market, XRP has seen a huge drop today. Chepicap’s David Borman takes a look at the strong support level at $0.40, and focuses on the long-term, exploring how the road to $1 is looking for Ripple’s XRP.

XRP has been one of the worst performers in the top 20 in 2019, with Ripple’s token lagging behind on the rest of the market. The project saw only 18% gains year-to-date, while Bitcoin is up 120%, Ethereum 90%, Bitcoin Cash 165%, EOS 187%, Litecopin 250% and Binance Coin even 428%.

But the XRP army is still hopeful that their investments can catch up on the market soon. Analyst David Borman takes a look at what is needed for XRP to break $1, and what we can expect after that.



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