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ProBit Exchange wraps up another stellar series of IEO as the fundraising giant continues to outpace household names



ProBit Exchange added another exclamation point through their incredible trio of successive IEO campaigns for social health gamification platform Boltt Coin, raising an impressive $678,000 in three rounds. The first 2 rounds sold out in a total of 3 seconds, and the completion of Round 3 has set up the stage for the recently announced Round 4 beginning July 4.

Boltt Coin has also revealed details on their Boltt Protocol, which helps users to take ownership and even monetize their personal health data, while companies like hospitals can integrate this data effectively for deeper insights into social health through advanced medical products and applications.

ProBit’s ongoing trade mining and stake mining beta service has also been extended to July 14, with the initial mining pair of BTC/USDT being supplemented with the additions of ETH/USDT, BTC/KRW, ETH/KRW, and ETH/BTC to enable users to take full advantage of the 105% trade mining rewards currently being offered.

The transaction-free trading is a compelling incentive particularly for new users and crypto beginners as it allows them to test out ProBit’s trading infrastructure while also earning PROB tokens, which will see its value enhanced through the allocation of 80% of all trade mining revenue towards a PROB buyback program.

Not only that, but PROB stakers have also been benefiting from airdrops to earn additional tokens, several of which have already been completed.

Of course, IEO has been the accomplished exchange’s calling card which has catapulted them to the top ranks of the IEO world. ProBit is getting set to launch several more campaigns in the upcoming days as a large number of projects continue to apply in the hopes of landing a coveted spot on their calendar.

Here is a preview of their upcoming IEO:

Crypto Franchise

July 4-7

Crypto Franchise is helmed by a 30-year veteran of the franchise sector as the project focuses on their core token as a means of bridging the disconnect between franchisors, franchisees, as well as the gap between these retail services and the demands of digitized consumers. While transaction revenue often saw franchisors and franchisees at odds with one another, the incorporation of a wide-scale token will solidify and incentivize both sides to coexist for maximum profits.

The very first plug and play. scalable solution for retailers also affords a high level of security and processing capability through a unique logical clocks feature that helps manage the massive amounts of daily retail transactions, while the token will also help spearhead unique loyalty programs and the interchangeable utility among the different brands featured on the platform.

Tripedia Round 2

July 5-8

Tripedia is a travel information hub that provides a direct line of access to an extensive offering of travel resources to simplify the process of planning for tourists. A digital ID and private keys are some of the features provided for the user’s disposal in order to complete transactions securely and efficiently.

The travel project also alleviates the costs and difficulties of acquiring highly customized travel packages through their self-learning Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer which taps into the platforms’ database to procure verified and comprehensive travel options.

Tripedia’s exclusive review system will follow a similar model of verification as Tripedia tokens will need to be staked in order to produce various travel destinations and accommodation reviews that will be carefully reviewed before approval and official posting on the mainchain.

Refine Medium

July 10-12

Through a P2P centered content platform on the blockchain, Refine Medium’s objective is to place the onus of media content back into the hands of the viewers and creators. The solution will help disrupt the current trends which focus on the monetization efforts of advertisers while cutting out users and creators from revenue sharing.

Refine Medium allows for the creation and review of videos in a peer to peer delivery to enable users to vote for quality content and ensure that all stakeholders can participate in revenue sharing while also ensuring that relevant, engaging content can be effectively promoted.

Copyright moderators unique to the ecosystem will also play a major role in preventing any content right infringement, which is one of the major objectives of the decentralized media provider.


July 15-24

Swace delivers an innovative social gaming based platform aimed at enhancing brand engagement through the provision of incentives for users who undertake various challenges and events.

By incorporating brands that relevant social user demographics truly care about, this essentially utilizes the Swace token as the cornerstone of bridging the gap between social media users and advertising brands to foster increased brand loyalty through a healthy dose of competition among and in collaboration with others.

Swace delivers a convenient interface from which brands can select a particular social campaign secured through a smart contract to launch their activities including social and AR-based challenges that effectively align with the lifestyle and brands that users support.

About ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange has completed almost 60 rounds of IEO and has amassed a solidified reputation over a short 6-month span since the startup’s launch. They have conducted multiple rounds of sell-out IEOs and raised millions in the process while refraining from any form of wash volumes or misleading figures. Please visit the IEO page to view the simple, efficient user interface here.

ProBit Exchange has also introduced new features such as an ongoing trade mining and stake mining beta service, PROB staking for users to earn discounted trading fees, a referral programthat provides 10-20% in further transactions fee savings, as well as a newly released appavailable on Google Play.

ProBit Global

ProBit Korea

IEO at ProBit Exchange

Many projects place their trust in ProBit Exchange’s IEO platform as we are a one-stop exchange for:

  1. Fund-raising – Stellar fundraising track record including $678,000 over three rounds for Boltt Coin, over $500,000 raised over three rounds for Spin Protocol, $53,000 in 6 seconds for LINIX, and $60,000 in 11 seconds for Steemhunt.
  2. Listing – Instant liquidity against fiat and crypto pairings. Korean Won and USDT. Mild MM included
  3. Marketing – Comprehensive services including marketers, marketing agencies, social media marketers and news agency on retainer. View a sample marketing campaign that we conduct for IEO here.

Interested projects should fill up this form to start the due diligence process. You can fill up the form by clicking here.

For further information, you can visit their respective website: Crypto Franchise, Tripedia, Swace and Refine Medium.

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Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) Head for Significant Losses in 2019



The assets are the only coins with double-digit losses in 2019, despite the relief rallies for multiple altcoins.

Stellar (XLM) and Ripple’s XRP are looking more and more like the exceptions on the crypto market. The coins are the only two big losers among top 10 coins and tokens. Both tokens lost close to a third of their value by November.

Stellar and Ripple have a thing in common, even beyond using the brain work of Jed McCaleb. Both assets aim to disrupt legacy systems, while trying to differentiate themselves from the purely crypto community.

The projects try to sell their system for distributed ledger accounting directly to banks and companies. So far, however, the expected adoption has lagged. Additionally, both assets may face selling pressures, as previous enthusiastic owners may shed the coins.

XRP slid to $0.27 after the Swell conference failed to come up with new encouraging trends for the coin’s adoption. XLM also came out weaker out of its Meridian conference, sliding to $0.78.

For XLM, the recent coin burn failed to bring the expected price rally, only causing the price to recover by a cent. For now, the XLM coin burn has not been reflected in the circulating supply, allowing the asset to line up among top 10 coins. XLM still holds up a market cap above $1 billion, though the new total supply is yet to be recalculated and reflected.

Adoption for both types of assets has relied on relatively strong communities. The chief worries about the two coins are the selling pressures, as previous enthusiasts abandon their holdings. At this point, the future of the coins is uncertain, and a rally has failed to bring the coins to a higher range.

Both Stellar and Ripple may continue with giveaways and popularization efforts. But for now, the real-world usage of the assets has been relatively small. There is also no organic demand for buying coins, as giveaways supply enough new assets to banks or other organizations.

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Stellar (XLM) Slows Down Recovery; Gains 1.93% Overnight



After last day’s enormous growth, Stellar seems to have cooled down its recovery process. Over the last 24 hours, it has gained almost 2% with three major price variations.

Stellar Price Prediction:

XLM coin’s first swing happened in the initial 10 hours and 4 minutes, and this swing of 3.97% cost it 0.003135 USD and pushed the value to 0.075865 USD. It was followed by a hike of 6.91%, and this hike added 0.005246 USD to the value, and it reached 0.081116 USD.

The last swing happened between 20:57 UTC and 22:55 UTC, and in these 2 hours, Stellar faced a bottleneck of 3.16% that pushed it to 0.078553 USD.

Over the last seven days, the price trend of Stellar has been full of fluctuations. The lowest point of yesterday was at 0.076 USD, and the highest being 0.080 USD. The Market Cap of XLM coin has also shown a trend of fluctuations in these days.

As per the current slowdown of recovery, Stellar Lumens may face next support around 0.0772 USD. However, due to price fluctuations, if the currency trade upwards, it may reach around $0.081.

XLM Price Chart
XLM Chart by TradingView

Resistance and Support Levels

R1- $0.081496, R2- $0.083183, R3- $0.085733

S1- $0.077259, S2- $0.074709, S3- $0.073022


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Stellar Poised For 50% Surge Against Bitcoin Following Supply Burn Spike



The altcoin known as Stellar (XLM) has been among the top ten list of crypto assets by market cap for some time, but has been among the least hyped of the bunch since the bear market first began in 2018.

That all may change, soon, as the crypto asset may be poised for as much as a 50% gain against Bitcoin in the coming days, according to one prominent crypto analyst.

Stellar Launchpad Ready For Over 50% Pump Against Bitcoin

Stellar (XLM) has struggled throughout the bear market to maintain any positive momentum and is one of the few crypto assets that hasn’t yet broken out of downtrend resistance dating back as far as its previous all-time high.

At the peak of the crypto hype bubble, Stellar had reached prices of nearly $1 per token, but is currently down over 90% and is trading at just under 8 cents per token.

Things appeared bleaker for Stellar, and was trading at under 5 cents per token in September, but the Stellar Foundation recently burned half of the token supply, causing a massive pump. The Stellar Foundation burned 55 million XLM tokens, resulting in a 25% surge in asset prices.

But the pump may not completely be over, and Stellar instead may be gearing up for another leg up, and one that could result in as much as a 50% gain against Bitcoin in the coming days.

According to prominent crypto analyst DonAlt, Stellar is showing signs that XLM/BTC trading pair is ready for an extremely strong move up, now that resistance has been breached, and could be targeting 1400 sats.

XLM Supply Burn Wasn’t Enough To Restore Bullish Momentum

XLM is currently trading at around 900 sats, and a move to 1400 sats would be a 55% increase from current prices. However, the increase is based on performance against Bitcoin on the XLM/BTC trading pair, and not the US dollar.

On XLM/USD charts, the crypto asset has yet to break out from downtrend resistance and could continue to be locked in a downtrend against the dollar, all while it outperforms Bitcoin. Such a move would suggest Bitcoin could suffer a dangerous drop, causing a divergence in performance next to Stellar.

Stellar is currently the 10th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, right behind Bitcoin for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, and just ahead of Justin Sun’s Tron cryptocurrency.

Stellar remains down as much as 90% from its former all-time high price, and for the crypto asset to return to such prices, would require a 1,150% gain. XLM is just one of many altcoins that has underperformed Bitcoin by a large margin in 2019.

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