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Dogecoin Price Analysis: Intraday Keeps DOGE At Moderate Rally



The crypto market has spent half of the day with an upsurge. Most of the altcoins have recovered from the last week’s price drop. However, there are some coins which keep falling despite the rise in the market. Dogecoin falls in the first category, where the price of the coin moving upward with a moderate hike.

Bitcoin is rising on the chart. The upsurge in the coin is speculated to last. DOGE gets vastly affected by the movement in Bitcoin. The rising speculations of Bitcoin have touched Dogecoin too. DOGE is anticipated to a tough new high in the coming period.

Let’s have a look at the Dogecoin chart.

Current Statistics of DOGE:

The chart is taken from TradingView on 09th July 2019, at 10:04:22 UTC.

Dogecoin price chart - july 9

Today, the coin opened at $0.003439. The currency soon climbed to $0.00361489. The progression marked was of 5%. Most of the day was spent around $0.00356. Towards 07:00 UTC the coin fell from $0.003588 to $0.003349. The coin picked up again and is now dealing at $0.003551 from $0.003334. The profit marked was of 6.08%. The rest of the day is anticipated to remain the same.

Dogecoin to USD Summary:

  • The price of the coin is at 0.003536 USD.
  • The Market Cap of Dogecoin stands at 425,481,343 USD.
  • The circulating supply of Dogecoin is at 120,274,812,489 DOGE.
  • The 24 hr volume is at 41,871,203 USD
  • The Return on Investment is at 533.09%.

Dogecoin Price Prediction and Conclusion:

DOGE has kept its position at 29th rank intact. The heavy price drop couldn’t affect the coin much. All this is the sign of a coin which has huge potential. DOGE has also fallen in the high potential cryptocurrency category.

By the end of 2019, Dogecoin is anticipated to cross $0.007. The long and short-term investments in DOGE are likely to lay huge results. The investors can dig in DOGE and register huge dividends in the future.



Dogecoin Trades with Moderate Selling Pressure; Gains Support from Short-term MAs



  • Dogecoin trades around $0.0022 price area; gains support from the short-term moving averages
  • Dogecoin price takes a swift downturn trading from $0.0028 to falling at $0.0020 in a 30-day time frame
  • Currently, the currency trades with a 10% growth when compared to the lowest in the said time frame

Dogecoin (DOGE) on HitBTC started the previous month trading with a slight glimpse of an uptrend. However, unable to hold it hit rock bottom after soaring to a height of 30-day high at $0.0028. Currently, it holds grounded support from the short-term moving averages with ultimate selling pressure.

Dogecoin Price Analysis:

DOGE/USD Price Chart
Dogecoin Price Chart By TradingView

Analyzing the 30-day movement of DOGE/USD, we see that the coin is currently trading at $0.002239, holding slight support from 5-day SMA and 10-day SMA and EMA. In the third trading week, the coin had quite a rapid fall due to inactive supports wherein even BTC price hit rock bottom around $6,600. After having dipped by over 2% from the respective highest and lowest in the discussed time frame, the coin is trading better but holds an inclination towards the lower price range.

Dogecoin holds a moderately bearish outlook at present, but a rapid movement above $0.0024 is a strong requirement for the coin to trade persistently above $0.0025 and $0.0027. This also corresponds to a trade beyond daily 100-day EMA and 50-day SMA followed by 200-day EMA.

Technical Indicators:

The MACD of Dogecoin is running below zero at press time and holds a slightly bearish outlook.

While the RSI of the coin is at 41.13 and holds no extremities at present neither towards the overbought nor oversold region.

However, a strong move above the average price or $0.0025 price area will eliminate the solid selling pressure.

Source: cryptonewsz

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Dogecoin’s Downside Movement Remains Intact Despite Recent Price Recovery



Dogecoin (DOGE) price movement was spotted taking a deep dig yesterday. The coin dropped below the 30-day low and marked a low new one. However, Dogecoin’s price trend is marked improvement. There is a tight movement observed over $0.0022. The traders are eagerly waiting for an early upsurge. The same could take place if DOGE price maintains the momentum. As per yesterday’s statistics, the price was seen touching a high at $0.002369 and a low at $0.002128.

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin is reflecting heavy price movement during yesterday. However, today, the currency is trading around $0.0022 mark. Yesterday, Dogecoin started at $0.00227812. The market pressure brought the coin to $0.002096 by 7.95%. Further, the price of DOGE escalated to $0.00235824 by 12.42%. Later the currency fell and touched $0.00224 by 6%. The day closed at $0.00228. The intraday movement in the coin brought a 0.52% progression. Today, Dogecoin started with a slight fall of 4%. The price counters moved from $0.002302 to $0.002209. The DOGE price escalated to $0.002348 by 6.30%. Recently, the price fell to $0.0022104 of 5.93%.

Dogecoin Price
DOGE Price Chart By TradingView

Dogecoin price is currently at $0.00222797. The price was escalating at the beginning of the day and reached to $0.0023. The currency couldn’t touch the immediate resistance level and fell. Now, the coin is moving towards the immediate support level at $0.00215. Dogecoin is speculated to give flourishing results in the coming days. The traders are suggested to go for long-term investment. The same would give the desired result for the traders.

Resistance LevelPrice
Support LevelPrice

Source: ambcrypto

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Dogecoin (DOGE) Drops to $0.0021 Overnight; Declines by 8.98%



  • Dogecoin price touches 30-days low

Dogecoin price is currently battling with the bear. There is a strong indicating that the price might fall and touch the 90-day low at $0.020 soon. The downtrend in the coin is tremendous. The same is anticipated to remain intact for the upcoming days. Yesterday, DOGE price was seen dealing at a high $0.002510 of and a low of $0.002298. The price has already dropped below yesterday’s low.

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Yesterday, Dogecoin started dealing at $0.002345. The price recovered in the later hours. The coin went up to $0.0024050. Further, the currency dropped to $0.002293 by 4.54% drop. The fall remained intact and took the value of DOGE to $0.002221 from $0.0024005 by 7.49%. The coin closed at $0.002193, which dropped from $0.002264 by 3.21%. The overall intraday regression was 6.58%. Today, Dogecoin’s price dropped from $0.002216 to $0.002096. Recently, the price is spotted, touching $0.0021350.

Dogecoin Price
DOGE Chart By TradingView

Dogecoin’s tremendous fall has disappointed many traders. The coin is popularly known for its stable move under extreme pressure. This would be one in the few times when the coin has reflected a huge fall.

The current price of Dogecoin is at $0.002135. The coin is speculated to fall below the major level at $0.00206. The traders are highly recommended to hold their investment for now as this is not considered as the best time for investment.

Resistance LevelPrice
Support LevelPrice

Source: cryptonewsz

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