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Stellar Lumens Price Prediction: Can Stellar’s Moves to Popularize its XLM Coin Stabilize the Price?



Today, the digital asset market saw several downtrends from top coins to major altcoins. Many assets have been in the red all day. The state of the Stellar token hasn’t been impressive. It appears the bears have been in play for the coin in the last 24 hours. Will this price action continue? Or will we see changes in the future? Stellar has made moves to ensure that its native token gains the recognition it deserves. But this has had very little impact on the performance of the coin in recent days.

Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD

NamePrice24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)$11,717.00-4.30%
Stellar (XLM)$0.090517-4.31%

Stellar price has reportedly been moving slowly since the start of July, despite the fact that the network is taking every step possible within its reach to increase the XLM popularity and drive mass adoption of the coin.

Recently, the StellarX listed 1:1 fiat backed XLM coins offered by This may help in the adoption of open banking features to Stellar. The market performance of the XLM token will perform better in the coming weeks. Will this action lead to more stable prices in the future? Analysts believe it will in the long term. What about the short-term prediction of XLM price?

Stellar Price Prediction: Stellar Price Comparison in the Last 30 Days

As of July 11, the price of the XLM token was seen changing hands at $0.0888 against the USD. In the month of June, the XLM token has recorded a downward action of no less than 26%. Meaning the price of XLM dipped from the $0.12100 position to its current area.

XLM price has surged from the $0.12100 point to reach as high as the $0.133874 area. This covers almost the entire month

of June. However, the prices started dropping steeply. At a point, it hit $0.1039 which was in the final week of June. Since then onwards to the current date, the coin hasn’t been able to stage a recovery.

How Has Stellar Price Performed in the Last 24 Hours?

According to data from Coin market cap, the price of XLM is trading at $0.0888 (and 0.00000778 BTC). The coin reportedly had a total market capitalization of $1,719,191,899 with a 24-hour volume of about $402,823,093. Stellar also had a Return on Investment of 2,881.41% according to coin market cap. The coin also had a circulating supply of 19,425,871,142 XLM as of when this content was published.

Stellar price reportedly saw a high point yesterday July 10 when it traded at $0.1024. However, it closed the day trading lower at $0.095057. The price of XLM has also further declined from the lowest point of yesterday. Which was reportedly noted at the $0.093 price level. Now there’s a chance that it might rise again before the end of today.

Stellar Price Prediction 2019: What To Expect From XLM Price?

Considering the fact that the falling prices of the Stellar coin might be momentary, it is normal to assume that the price of XLM will be revived to trade over the $0.10 price position for a longer period. By the end of the month of July, XLM may succeed in achieving this target, and by the end of the year, it may shoot up to trade between the range of $0.2 and $0.25.

From the chart indicating trading for the XLM/USD pair, it is safe to say the price of Stellar may be heading towards the right path. The coin is set to rise in the future. Now is a good time for investors to initiate a long-term plan for their investments in the Stellar token.

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Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for January 24



  • The next test network reset for Stellar Lumens is set for January 29
  • Stellar Lumens is pushing for adoption for new participants
  • Stellar Lumen’s price is $0.063801 at press time

Stellar Lumens News Today – the Stellar network continues to maintain its position as an attractive network for a vast number of reasons. The Network has continued to connect financial institutions with its FBA (federated Byzantine agreement) algorithm to facilitate quicker transactions for users. The network has now revealed the new date for its next network test reset. The information was passed via a Twitter post. The network tweeted that the date for the next test network reset will be January 29, 2020.

Stellar Lumens XLM Wallets

The network reportedly assists in storing and using XLM with Hardware Wallets. An example is Ledger Nano S. Stellar uses it with the offline private key to connect with multiple web and desktop apps. The Trezor wallet is an alternative to the Ledger Nano S. Meanwhile downloadable

wallets like Keybase, Lobstr, and Solar Wallet, help to store private keys on the app (mobile device or desktop computer). Coinbase offers web wallets that can help investors check their account balance and round up their transactions.

Stellar Lumens is Promoting New Participants

The Stellar Development Foundation is a not for profit entity. It has no ties to shareholders or dividends. The foundation does not have profit motives. The network’s native coin, the Lumens (XLM) reportedly funds the entity. Stellar is a global firm working to establish its protocol as one of the global standard payment models. The addresses that hold XLM contribute to Stellar’s success. Everyone can monitor Stellar’s progression through the appropriate links. There is a yearly accounting and auditing of stellar programs available, which facilitates integrity and transparency.

The Stellar Development Foundation is focused on leading Stellar Core development and that of Horizon. The entity is also in charge of framing policies for the Stellar network and Blockchain. It also communicates with key regulators and lawmakers to improve on business ecosystems and the Blockchain network technology. The foundation is also behind the promotion of Stellar’s technology to the network’s newer participants. When this report was published, the price of Stellar was trading at $0.063801.

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Here’s How Stellar Lumen’s Inflation Scheme Is Flawed



  • A report from Coinmetrics dated 7 January 2020 noted the failed inflation mechanism of Stellar (XLM).
  • In Stellar’s inflation mechanism, new lumens are added to the network at a rate of 1% per year and this is distributed to any account that receives over 0.05% of the votes from other accounts with a minimum balance of 100 XLM. 

Every year, 1% of the base supply of lumens tokens are created and distributed to “inflation destinations”. Account holders could choose other accounts to receive the new tokens with the belief that tokens would go to the accounts with high potential developments. The inflation mechanism was a way to address certain criticisms that cryptocurrencies were deflationary, and to give people the incentive to collaboration and make decisions on allocating the inflation tokens.

However in September 2019, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) removed the inflation mechanism as it was not offering much functionality to network participants. The inflation mechanism was meant to send extra funds to projects through community vote, but most of the users have been joining pools to claim inflation

for their own benefit.

Many people don’t have sufficient XLM to constitute the minimum 0.05% of supply required to receive inflation tokens, but can band together in inflation pools to accumulate the 0.05% needed. The inflation pools then distribute the inflation tokens received equally to its members, with some inflation pools charging a token fee for this service. The two largest pools were Lumenaut and XLM Pool. Exchanges such as Binance and Poloniex also participated in this process and distributed the inflation tokens to their members who held XLM balances.

Only 18.3% of accounts even designated an inflation destination and these were mainly exchanges, inflation pool accounts or SDF account addresses.

In fact, the Coinmetrics report pointed out that the SDF received 98% of all inflation tokens as a result of the mechanism. This meant the SDF had voted itself as the inflation destination since it holds 80% of XLM supply. Over the 5 years that Stellar has been in circulation, SDF has amassed over 5.4 billion XLM from the inflation mechanism. The inflation process had run 280 times and only 23 different addresses shared 5 billion of XLM as inflation destinations.

Yet SDF has also burned 5 billion XLM and set aside another 50 billion XLM for airdrops ever since Stellar halted its inflation mechanism. This brings down their control to 30 million of the remaining total of 50 million XLM supply.

The Coinmetrics report further states that only 834,000 XLM has gone to community projects, which defeats the objective of the inflation mechanism. Since November 2019, the SDF has spent about 340 million XLM on growth and development out of the 30 billion it manages.

The halt in the inflation mechanism as also drastically reduced the activity in Stellar as people are no longer receiving inflation tokens.

Indeed, it seems that the inflation mechanism has been a failed experiment in economics as the inflation tokens were not going towards the purpose it was meant.

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Latest News and Top Headline for Stellar Lumens, January 20th, 2020



  • Binance Futures to launch XLM/USDT trading pairs
  • Binance to implement a 1% pricing limit
  • Binance announced the end of the buy BTC at 50% discount promo

Stellar Lumens News Today – Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has been rolling out new protocols to ensure that its users get the best service. Binance had initially promised to bring in more trading pairs to its exchange. Now, the platform has announced hours ago that the Binance Futures will add the Stellar Lumen (XLM) and Tether (USDT) trading pairs.

Users will now be able to trade XLM/USDT from January 20, 2020. Per the report, users will be able to trade with the recently added trading pairs at 08:00 AM (UTC) today January 20. Binance also adds that users will be allowed to choose between 1-75x leverage. Binance took to twitter to reveal the latest milestone for the network on a mission to keep spreading its tentacles.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

#NamePrice24H %

Binance will implement a 1% pricing Limit

In a bid to prevent market manipulation, Binance has announced that it is going to implement a 1% pricing limit for new trading pairs in the first 15 minutes from when trade begins. While the new offering by Binance will leave users excited, the world’s biggest exchange has warned users that there is great risk in Futures trading.

There is a strong chance of all

users who participate in futures trading to suffer significant losses. Hence, they need to be aware of the risks involved. The exchange also urged its users to exercise caution in the market due to the high level of market volatility capable of liquidating the balance in user futures’ wallet. Users are urged to trade responsibly.

The buy BTC at 50% Discount Activity Has Ended

In other reports relating to Binance, the exchange has recently announced the conclusion of one of its schemes. This time it is the buy Bitcoin (BTC) at a 50% discount promo. According to the report, Binance says it will give out all rewards evenly to the winner user accounts. The users who participated in the scheme and turned out as winners can now go ahead and confirm their rewards on their wallet’s “Distribution History” page. According to Binance, the initiative revealed several things about the exchange. Here are the results:

  • The exchange’s daily ROE posted its highest at 1874%.
  • The biggest weekly profit came for USDT at 812,475 USDT.
  • The overall trading volume of the Binance Futures platform recorded a new high point of $3.46 billion as of January 14.

Binance hopes that users make the most of the new offering. At press time there is no sign that the new inclusion had any impact on the price of the BNB coin.

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