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Stellar Lumens overtakes Cardano on the cryptocurrency charts after surging by 9.01% in an hour



2019 has been a difficult year to keep your eyes off the virtual asset ecosystem, since the valuation of cryptocurrencies has been going through a continuous cycle of major pump and dump. The trend continued at press time, as a massive price surge was unfolding for Stellar Lumens [XLM]. The altcoin had been relatively quiet over the past few weeks, with minor gains followed by major corrections in the market.

Source: Coinmarketcap

However at press time, XLM was pumping at an enormous rate of 9.01 percent in an hour, with a massive trade volume of nearly $500 million over the past 24 hours. The growth rate over the last 24 hours was recorded to be 10.20 percent and the market capitalization of the altcoin was around $1.9 billion.

The altcoin was traded the most on the exchange, where the trading pair of XLM/USDT garnered about $101 million in 24 hour trading volume, which was equivalent to around 20 percent of the market cap. was followed by LATOKEN in the 2nd place, with a trading volume of $66.81 million via the XLM/BTC pair.

Source: Trading View

It can be observed from the charts that XLM was consistently falling in valuation over the last 24 hours, before recording the aforementioned market surge. The token was down to $0.086, before the hike took its valuation to $0.1001, at press time.

It was suggested that the current pump was surfacing due to the influence of Bitcoin in the market as BTC was witnessing a pump of 2.37 percent in an hour at the same time. However, speculations suggest that XLM will undergo another price correction, when the dust settles.



Crypto whales transfer 260,000,000 Stellar while XLM price tries to stabilize



The whales’ movement related to Stellar isn’t the first of its kind

Whale Alert today analyzed the massive transfer of Stellar’s XLM cryptocurrency from unknown wallet to a crypto wallet that belongs to Kraken exchange.

Whales Move Massive XLM Tokens

A massive 260,000,000 XLM transaction made crypto headlines today which currently worth 15,008,070 USD. The transaction was deemed successful on September 14, 2019, at 00:08:11 UTC between unknown wallet, i.e., GBKSIHGCSYGYLOBPRUL3UDTR4YMBJIUFJJGIKI445GPGIUMX7HJAZKON to a wallet held with Crypto exchange Kraken, i.e., GA5XIGA5C7QTPTWXQHY6MCJRMTRZDOSHR6EFIBNDQTCQHG262N4GGKTM.

The XLM cryptocurrency is already stepped out from the top 10 cryptocurrency’s list on coinmarketcap; it continued experiencing the decline in its daily trading volume. At the time of reporting, the coin is holding 12th largest spot with $1,156,112,429 market capitalization. It is trading at $0.057565 with an appreciation in price by 0.15 percent within the past 24 hours. Admittedly, the coin is showing some fight.

Whales movement in the crypto industry is no more surprise these days since such transactions get caught quite often. Very recently, on Sept.11, Whale Alert spotted transfer of $1 billion worth bitcoin transactions to a single wallet which believed to be a gigantic movement of bitcoins to an unknown wallet.

Stellar and Ripple

Stellar is a blockchain network, founded by a former CTO of Ripple, Jed McCaleb. As both firms offer similar services, Ripple and Stellar termed competing giant. With that being said, the Stellar recently hired Zelle co-founder Mike Kennedy as the CEO of Interstellar, Stellar’s business arm that develops payment protocols on the stellar network.

As Interstellar’s new CEO carries years of experience in the digital payment industry, Stellar aims high and likely face-off Ripple’s ongoing efforts in the fintech industry. Expressing his interest in joining Interstellar, Mike states;

“One of the things Interstellar is going to do is identify gaps between Liquidity and market-making and step in and fill those voids.”

Kennedy added,

“I think programmable money, digital assets, and digital tokens are the future. They allow for faster, cheaper, more efficient money movement than the old traditional way of doing things.”

Besides, the whales’ movement related to Stellar isn’t the first of its kind. Not too long ago, Stellar founder Jed McCaleb was on top bulletins of crypto media. It’s worth noting Jed McCaleb’s wallet address allegedly received XRP worth $26 million from Ripple.

That news wasn’t well-received by the community; few users blasted Ripple over transferring 100 million XRP to Jed McCaleb when company’s native token XRP itself has been making lower lows without showing any signs of accountable recovery.

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Stellar Price is Down by 3.4% Since Yesterday



XLM coin is seen trading at $0.059175 at 10:30 UTC on September 11, 2019. Considering the trades of yesterday, Stellar was initially seen trading at $0.0612684 at 01:21 UTC. Then, it dropped tremendously by 3.04% at 21:20 UTC, when the price changed to $0.05940655. Today, however, a slight increase of 0.93% in the price of Stellar was seen at 01:23 UTC with the price trading at $0.05994455. At 09:28 UTC today, XLM price hit the lowest at $0.05881414, which is slightly increased by 0.60% as of now.

Stellar is showing bearish trend today as well. It seems that it has become a pattern now. But the real question is when the pattern will change. The further prediction for the coin seems difficult as of now. And by the year-end, the price might further drop rather than touching the highest point.

Stellar Price Chart by TradingView:

Stellar Price Chart
Stellar Price Chart by TradingView

XLM Price Prediction:

Considering both short-term and long-term investment decision, both might not be in favor of traders as of now. Stellar Lumens has constantly shown price movement in the downward motion. The downtrend is definitely raising concern for the users. Considering the past data and analysis, it seems that the highest touch point is difficult to realize.

The resistance and support levels might be helpful for XLM traders hold on to their position and avoid any losses:

R1: $0.060489, R2: $0.062605 and R3: $0.064083

S1: $0.056895, S2: $0.055417 and S3: $0.053301


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Taking a Closer Look at Stellar Lumens XLM/USD [Video]



Stellar Lumens (XLM) price has been on a sharp downtrend since May. It has since broken below the daily Ichimoku cloud. All Ichimoku Kinko Hyo moving averages are downward as well. XLM/USD reached an all-time-low on September 6th. It has since been supported at 0.05755.

Investors are looking to see if the new XLM airdrop could shift the momentum to the upside. Crypto Briefing’s Simetri has graded Stellar Lumens at B-, citing advances well in accordance with roadmap but lags in other factors.


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