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Cardano [ADA]

Here is all you need to know about Cardano light wallet Yoroi 1.8 update

Yoroi is a chrome based extension that works as a Cardano (ADA) wallet and is developed by EMURGO considering the security loopholes in web-based wallets.

Cardano (ADA) is a prime mention when it comes to cryptocurrency. Web-based wallets and extension based wallets handle ADA. Yoroi is a Cardano wallet, which was named after the ancient Japanese samurai armor which was made of leather and iron.

Yoroi is chrome based extension later developed by EMURGO considering the security loopholes in web-based wallets. EMURGO is a third generation blockchain, who developed Yoroi in partnership with IOHK.

Web-based wallets are not so secured, considering their norms to run a local copy of Javascript code to create the password and private key. Also, web-based wallets are prone to DNS hijacking, where people will be fooled to redirect toa dubbed site which is a clone of the original and chances of losing Cardano are vast. And in another scenario, people at times download a virus assuming it is Daedalus. But with chrome extension, it is entirely different and with better security.

Yoroi in Chrome provides rapid development, with entirely built APIs and it’s also very secure considering the fact it runs inside a sandbox. Also, with Chrome’s inspection options, this becomes simple. The mere difference between Yoroi and Daedalus is that the first one is a light wallet, meaning it doesn’t download the entire blockchain, but instead it connects to other trusted servers that contain the full blockchain copy.

Now with Yoroi being a very prime option when it comes to Cardano, EMURGO has recently released an update for this light wallet- Yoroi 1.8.

Yoroi 1.8 has been released for Firefox and Chrome (Auto Update).

The update comes with the following new features,

  • Function for adding Cardano (ADA) payment URL
  • Balance hidden option
  • A new warning message if the device has failed to connect to the server
  • Support for the Indonesian Language

If you are using Daedalus and yet to download this light wallet, do it now and it will auto-update to Yoroi 1.8.

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