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Coinbase Withdraws its Bundle Feature

Cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has discontinued its Bundle features. The exchange which had launched the feature back in October 2018, allowed the traders on its platform to buy a market-weighted selection of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic, reported news portal Oracle Times.

However, we had reported that the Bundles feature was launched in September last year. At the time, we had explained that a bundle could be purchased for as little as $25, and there’s no maximum purchase size.

Some daily limits had been put on a per-user basis, but besides that, there were no any limits on the maximum amount of bundles that users can purchase. The bundles were reported to be stored in the Coinbase wallets of customers just like normally purchased coins, and the buyers would be able to sell them on the platform like they sell other coins.

At the time, the exchange had planned to launch this feature in the United States of America, European Union and the United Kingdom.

While Coinbase has not made an official announcement, about the withdrawal of the feature, they did answer some questions regarding the same in their support section. When asked about the Bundles, the response was, “Coinbase Bundle purchases have been deprecated, as such all assets purchased in the Coinbase Bundle have been redistributed to their respective individual asset wallets.”

It further added, “You will no longer see a standalone wallet for your “Coinbase Bundle” purchase. This is a cosmetic-only change. The amount of cryptocurrencies you purchased as part of your Coinbase Bundle will not change.”

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