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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson questions Justin Sun’s $5 million lunch ‘investment’



IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson hosted an AMA session on YouTube where the entrepreneur spoke about Cardano’s much-awaited update releases. He began by ensuring his viewers about the completion of the ‘Shelley era’ by 2020 as planned.

When asked about his take on the “Justin Sun’s lunch back out,” Hoskinson compared his previous $5 million investment by saying,

“I spent $5 million of project capital to basically set an entire smart contract research and development program for well more than the year, with 19 people and some of the world’s top scientists. What’s more useful to your ecosystem?”

While emphasizing on Shelley’s launch as a top priority, Hoskinson hinted at several (on hold) projects that will be built/launched after Shelley provides the required infrastructure for his company. Going forward, the crypto advocate also highlighted gold’s foundational problem of ownership and in-house storage. He added,

“That’s why I love crypto because Bitcoin, at this point basically digital gold, it’s not going away. It has that same value proposition. You can get so much better security out of Bitcoin than you ever could on physical gold.”

In the AMA, he also addressed some light topics as well, but it managed to reveal Cardano’s aggressive stance toward infrastructure development. Moreover, the one-sided conversation between Hoskinson and his viewers sparked a new level of confidence among the ADA community as Shelley’s 2020 launch promises related innovations that may reward the hodlers.

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NEO, BCH, and XMR Price Prediction and Analysis: Today the Crypto Market Is Recording Some Recovery



Neo Price Analysis (NEO/USD)

NEO/USD pair has today shown a massive upsurge as it maintains its price range above $10.000. Also, the bullish action is likely to increase the investor’s sentiments due to an increase in buying pressure. NEO/USD pair began the session trading at $10.626 that later fluctuated upside to rally at a high of $11.355. A medium-term period of consolidation was seen, later on, ranging between $11.409 and $11.103 respectively. The consolidation phase then pulled the price back to currently trade at $11.129 with an intraday increase of 4.5%. That is a positive sign as it gives investors high hope for better digits in the near term.  

In the market, there is a bullish trend-line formed that showcased strong buying interest.  Thus, with more buyers in the market, the price is likely to jump above $12.000. However, both moving averages are converging, with the long-term SMA looking set to cross above the short-term SMA. The RSI is also declining towards the negative region, which gives a beatable sign. Therefore, the moves exhibited emphasized the incoming bearish action.

neo price 11/12

Neo Price Prediction (NEO/USD)

If the pair’s price break below the bullish trend line and $11.000, the number of sellers is likely to increase, which may dip the price down below $10.000. Conversely, an upside break above $11.4000, may resume the bullish momentum to trade above $12.000 in the short-term.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis (BCH/USD)

BCH/USD pair has also suppressed the bearish performance over the past 24hrs. The pair’s price found a healthy support near $283.0 that sustained the uptrend. It jumped from the opening price of $285.0 to close at $289.6 that showed strong buying interest. Despite the short-term upside momentum, bears resumed the downtrend and slightly dipped the momentum that resulted in a tight range between $286.0 and $290.0 level respectively.

Currently, there is a struggle to break $290.0 resistance level; thus, more buyers are needed for further upside. Looking at the moving averages, they are both pointing north, with the short-term SMA above the long-term SMA. The RSI is also hovering above level 50, which shows an increase in buyouts. Thus better digits should be anticipated in the short-term.

bitcoin cash price 11/12

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction (BCH/USD)

There is a high probability of further upside correction; thus, a breach above $290.0 may correlate gains above $310.0. However, a break below $286.0 could correlate losses towards $265.0.

Monero Price Analysis (XMR/USD)

XMR/USD pair is up by 1.06%, as it jumped from $61.32 to $61.98 showing a bullish performance. However, the upsurge was seen at the beginning of the session, where it moved from $61.32 to a high of $62.65. The market later entered into the indecisive mode, which was followed by a sideways movement, which was reflected by the horizontal channel marked at $62.32 and $61.49.  

Currently, the bulls still have the upper hand as indicated by the short-term SMA that is currently above the long-term SMA. However, the RSI is now heading southwards, giving a negative outlook.

monero price 11/12

Monero Price Prediction (XMR/USD)

If the price rise above $62.32 level, then further Bull Run can be seen that may fluctuate the price to rally above $64.00. Nevertheless, a break below the critical support level $62.49 may dip the momentum lower below $60.00.

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Cryptocurrencies price prediction: Bitcoin, Ripple & Ethereum – Asian Wrap 13 Nov



Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD must overcome resistance at $8,985 to re-enter the $9,000 zone

Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD must overcome resistance at $8,985 to re-enter the $9,000 zone

BTC/USD has had a bearish start to the day following a bullish Tuesday. So far this Wednesday, the price of the asset went down from $8,811.45 to $8,773. This followed a pretty bullish Tuesday, wherein BTC/USD went up from $8,720.50 to $8,811.45. 


Ripple price overview: XRP/USD triangle breakout fails to materialize

XRP is also in the red on the third day of this week’s trading. The Asian trading session has been characterized by bearish action where Ripple kicked off the day at $0.2722 but touched an intraday low of $0.2704.

Ethereum technical analysis: ETH/USD keeps trending horizontally in a narrow $11-range

ETH/USD daily chart keeps trending horizontally in a narrow $11-range between $191 and $180. Currently, Ethereum is priced at around $185.85 and is floating above the 20-day and 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA 20 and SMA 50) curves.


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xRapid [Potential] flows double overnight: MoneyGram flooring it?



Money transfer giant MoneyGram’s partnership has been a major leap for Ripple as a payments company. The same applies to MoneyGram for being a traditional payments company using blockchain solutions for money transfers. Discussion of the partnership was one of the highlights of the recent Swell conference.

That wasn’t all however, as during the conference, potential xRapid flows between the U.S. and Mexico surged by more than 100%.

Using publicly available data, HMX, who goes by the screen name @hmatejx on Twitter, set up charts to observe potential xRapid transfers between known corridors. These charts showed a bump in ODL [On-Demand Liquidity] from the usual $1 million to $2.2 million on November 7, 2019, between Bitstamp [the U.S. corridor for xRapid txns] and Bitso [Mexican corridor for xRapid txns].

As seen in the chart above, there was a total of 8 million XRP transferred between Bitstmap and Bitso. The same destination has been active since August and has transferred an average of $1 million every day since November 2019.

On-Demand Liquidity

Ripple’s ODL is a trump card for people who are transacting across borders as it removes pre-funding, which is a common approach for cross-border payments in traditional payment methods.

MoneyGram had announced that 10% of its transactions take place between the U.S. and Mexican corridor via Ripple’s payments solution, On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), that leverages the cryptocurrency, XRP. CEO of MoneyGram, Alex Holmes, stated,

“What has amazed me the most is the amount of pressure that legacy players face.The fundamental challenge of moving money around the world is that there isn’t a lot of coordination between financial institutions and there should be more solutions to connect all of these pieces. More and more companies are looking to make the economy move like it should.”

Although there is no concrete proof that the destination tags belong to MoneyGram, there is a probability that it might be so. A quick visualization of the ODL was shared by HMX.


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