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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Dash (DASH) on the Path of Recovery, While Maker (MKR) Plunges

BCH to USD Price Chart:

Bitcoin Cash price chart - Aug 13
Bitcoin Cash Chart By TradingView

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is usually known for following the trend of Bitcoin in the market. The same has also helped the coin to improve its momentum. The coin is anticipated to rise in the upcoming time. The current scenario of the coin seems better. Where many coins are falling, BCH opened the day with an upsurge.

Let’s have a look at the weekly chart. The coin opened at $335.1 on 7th August. The coin escalated by 0.88% to $338. Next day, the coin fell from $338 to $330 by 2.27%. On 9thAugust, the coin continued the downtrend. The price changed from $330 to $323 by 2%. There was a moderate improvement in the coin on 10th August.

On 11th August, the price changed from $323 to $335 by 3.84%. The coin slipped from $335 to $329 by 1.2% on 12th August. Today, the coin opened with an escalation. The price changed from $329 to $339. The coin is expected to close with a positive digit. The future of the coin is bright. Investing for the long-term wouldn’t go futile.

DASH to USD Price Chart:

Dash price chart - Aug 13
Dash Chart By TradingView

Dash is expected to rise in the upcoming days. The coin experienced a bump in the road, but it again picked the pace. We are expecting a flourishing time in the future.

Looking at the week-long chart, we can observe that the coin is at a moderate loss which could be recovered in future. On 7th August, the coin started the week with an upsurge. The price counters changed from $106.7 to $107.9 by 1.11%. The coin slipped from $107 to $106 by 1.45% on 8th August. The downtrend continued on 9th August. The price fell from $106 to $104 by 1.97%.

On 10th August, the price counters changed with regression from $104 to $99 by 4.98%. On 11th August, the price jumped from $99 to $107 by 8.14%. On 12th August, the price slipped from $107 to $104. Today, the coin escalated again from $104 to $107. The coin would soon recover the price. The currency is expected to give a colossal result to the long-term investors.

MKR to USD Price Chart:

Maker price chart - Aug 13
Maker Chart By TradingView

Maker is currently trading at $503 with a market cap of $480,351,070. The coin has reflected a great potential in the past and so the traders have high expectation from the coin.

Maker is reflecting a downtrend in the coin. The coin started at $560 and slipped to $537 by 4.01%. On 8th August, the coin dropped from $537 to $526 by 2.13%. On 9th August, the coin continued the downtrend. The price changed from $526 to $514 by 2.25%. On 10thAugust, the coin slipped from $514 to $487 by 4.92%. On 11th August, the coin jumped from $487 to $516 by 6.11%.

On 12th August, the coin slipped from $516 to $502 by 5%. The coin is expected to keep the same trend. The upcoming period would bring a great fortune to the short-term traders.


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