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Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Bitcoin (BTC) & Ripple (XRP) Strengthens Overnight; a Rally Seems Unlikely



  • Bitcoin grows by 2.08% in the last 1 day, and Ripple is also up by 1.25%.
  • Both the coins may have to wait long before encountering a price rally.

Bitcoin, as the pioneer coin, has shown marginal growth over the last 24 hours and the 2.08% hike helped the coin to get an advancement of 300 USD above 10,000 USD price level. Similarly, Ripple also is up by 1.25% in this period. Both the coins have shown four major price swings each and let us find out the current statistics of the coins now.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Statistics-

24th August 03:22 UTCBitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
ROI (Return on Investment)7,543.08%4,561.62%
Coin Circulation17,893,425 BTC42,909,539,227 XRP
Market Cap185,175,955,557 USD11,778,926,353 USD
Value in USD10,332,95 USD0.2739 USD
All-Time High20,089 USD3.84 USD
24h Volume15,419,315,764 USD958,619,745 USD

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Comparison-

BTC - XRP Price Prediction
BTC – XRP Price Chart

Bitcoin had its first swing between 00:28 UTC and 07:04 UTC, and in this period, the coin got a hike of 1.86% that added 186 USD to the coin.  After a few hours of steep fall, Bitcoin again got strengthened by 3.49% and reached 10,431 USD by 13:40 UTC. It was, however, followed by a fall of 1.04% and this pushed the coin to 10,321 USD by 20:41 UTC. The last swing happened between 22:12 UTC and 03:07 UTC and this swing came as a fall of 1.37% and after losing 142 USD the coin reached at 10,308 USD.

Similarly, Ripple also initiated the day with a strengthening sign of 1.96%. Between 00:28 UTC and 07:01 UTC, Ripple added 0.0053 USD. The second variation happened between 10:08 UTC and 16:48 UTC and this hike of 3.02% helped the coin to reach 0.2793 USD by 16:48 UTC and this is the highest point of the coin for the day. This value could not be sustained for a long time, and it weakened soon and fell to 0.2752 USD by 20:51 UTC. After a few hours of volatility, the last price change happened between 21:48 UTC and 03:05 UTC and this swing cost the coin 0.0045 USD.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Prediction-

Though the two coins have gained in the last 1 day, they are way behind the margin to bring a bullish rally. The medium-term of the coins is bullish, and before this year ends, both the coins are likely to grow swiftly. The details of the next probable resistance and support levels are listed below.

 Bitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance10540.87667 USD0.279888667 USD
2nd Resistance10673.78333  USD0.283232333 USD
3rd Resistance10905.12667  USD0.288896667 USD
1st Support10176.62667 USD0.270880667 USD
2nd Support9945.283333 USD0.265216333 USD
3rd Support9812.376667 USD0.261872667 USD


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Binance Blocking 13 States From New US-Based Crypto Exchange



Binance says 13 states will be blocked from its new crypto exchange Binance.US.

The exchange, which is set to accept initial registrations on Wednesday, will prohibit customers in the following states as it works to ensure its platform is compliant across the US.

Blocked states

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Binance.US CEO Catherine Cooley says the exchange will keep pressing to ensure the platform is available to all US citizens.

“Although it is upsetting that we cannot offer Binance.US in the states where I grew up and earned my education at this time, please rest assured that this is just the beginning, and it is our mission to bring access to those of you in these states many of us call home…

U.S. customers will be able to buy listed coins with USD through ACH or wire transfer methods. We will be exploring other options based on the demand of our users.”

The platform will debut with six supported cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Tether.

Users who have coins that are not available for trading on the platform can still store the assets on Binance.US.

“All coins/tokens not yet listed on Binance.US can still be stored with other custodians in the custody method of your choice (ex. hot wallet, cold storage, etc.) and traded on other venues that have live order books in those pairs. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding coins that satisfy our Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework.”

According to Cooley, the platform plans to steadily add more coins after its initial launch.

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Bitcoin, HTC collaborate on cryptocurrency smartphone


on is going mobile.

The cryptocurrency inventor has announced that it is working with telecommunications manufacturer HTC on developing crypto technologies, starting with its smartphones.

In a press release, said it is beginning a long-term partnership with HTC, which has developed a smartphone with a pre-loaded Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support app.

People who buy an EXODUS 1 from HTC won’t have to download a BCH wallet app onto their phones. For people who already have an EXODUS 1, they just have to update the software on their phone, the release said.


“The EXODUS vision has always aligned itself towards public blockchains and its fundamental transformative nature of the future of money and the Internet,” Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC said in a statement.

HTCKFHTC CORP.4.92-8.83-64.22%

“The Zion Vault is happy to support BCHnatively in hardware for security to go hand in hand with the BCH blockchain as an alternative to dominant payment rails and platforms,” Chen added.

However, the automatically downloaded Bitcoin app isn’t the only way the two companies are partnering.

They also plan to offer special discounts for buying phones using Bitcoin Cash as well as selling EXODUS phones on Bitcoin’s store.

“There are so many synergies between and HTC. We are very excited to be on this incredible journey together,”’s CEO Stefan Rust said in the release.

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Ethereum Uppercuts Bitcoin



Ethereum has been an outperformer this week in the crypto space, after breaking out of a bullish wedge. Week to date, Ethereum (ETH) has rallied over 17 whilst a tailgating Ripple (XRP) is hot on its heels, both of which have left Bitcoin (BTC) for dust which traders -0.3% lower. Yesterday it was announced that Aztec, a company focussed on privacy-centric tools, has begun a 30-day ignition ceremony to roll out its workaround for “private transactions” on ETH, which appears to have helped it break above 203.95 resistance.

We can see on the daily chart that ETH produced a slight bullish divergence with RSI whilst its bullish wedge took shape. After a lacklustre breakout, it appeared the pattern was on the brink of failure, yet prices held above the 164.12 low before building up bullish momentum ahead of the trend’s acceleration. RSI has not reached overbought territory on the daily chart. And besides, a momentum high does not always mean a price high (as we need to allow for a divergence to form).

With the bullish wedge now in play, bulls could target the $240 high at the base of the wedge.

  • A break above 217.33 assumes a run for the 240 high, although traders could look to buy dips above 203.95 support.
  • RSI is currently overbought and a bearish pinbar has appeared to warn of near-term exhaustion. However, given the strength of daily RSI, prices might consolidate or provide a relatively shallow retracement before breaking higher.
  • Ultimately, the four-hour trend remains bullish above 188.83, so bulls could look for a higher low to materialise before considering buying any dips.

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