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Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Is Making Gradual Gains; Soon To Breach $200



  • Ethereum is up by 0.58% over the last 24 hours, and it maintains its value above 190 USD.
  • The next resistance for Ethereum may come at 197 USD.

In the last 1 month, Ethereum has made a volatile journey. With four major price shifts, the coin has seen the highest point at 237 USD and the lowest one at 175 USD. The medium-term of the coin seems bullish. Before analyzing the price shifts, let us analyze the current details of the coin now.

ETH Price Statistics-

  • Ethereum is ranked at 2nd position in the market.
  • The ROI (Return on Investment) stands at 6,696.59%.
  • The total coins in circulations stand at 107,447,784 ETH.
  • The market cap as on 24th August at 03:54 UTC stands at 20,667,558,097 USD.
  • The value of each coin stands at 0.01857836 BTC and 192.02 USD.
  • The 24h volume of the coin rests at 6,361,030,852 USD.

ETH to USD Comparison-

ETH Price Prediction
ETH Price Chart by TradingView

Ethereum was at 223 USD on 25th July when it faced a blow, and over the next 3 days, the coin lost 24.5 USD, and it was pushed to 199.46 USD. After a few days of volatility, Ethereum faced a hike of 15.26%, and this hike pushed the coin to the highest point of the day at 237 USD on 06th August. It was, however, not a long-standing one growth. It faced a decline in the value of 26.09%, and this decline took the coin to 175 USD by 15th August, and this makes the lowest point of the month. The next variation came as a hike of 15.83% between 15th August and 19th August. The current value of the coin is roaming around 192 USD. The market cap on 24th July was 23,231,825,350 USD, and the value of each coin was 203.86 USD. The current market cap, as well as the value of each coin, is respectively 11.03% and 5.80% less than the figures for the last month.

ETH Price Prediction-

As stated earlier, Ethereum is now hovering around 192 USD, and it is miles behind the month’s high at 237 USD. By the end of this month, it may touch the 200 USD point, and the medium-term of the coin is likely to be bullish.

Ethereum (ETH) 
1st Resistance197.2266667 USD
2nd Resistance199.7433333 USD
3rd Resistance203.5766667 USD
1st Support Level190.8766667 USD
2nd Support Level187.0433333 USD
3rd Support Level184.5266667 USD


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Ethereum co-founder indicates near completion of ‘phase zero’ development for ETH 2.0



The blueprint of Ethereum 2.0 has been one of the most-discussed subjects for Vitalik Buterin’s digital asset in 2019. Maintaining its core priority of solving intrinsic limitations such as scalability, Ethereum 2.0 would be introducing a proof-of-stake consensus in order to make do without expensive proof-of-work mining.

Speaking at the Ethereal conference in Tel AVIV, Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum talked about the progress of Ethereum 2.0, the concept and potential of DeFI and other important topics.

In a Q&A with Ejaaz Ahamadeen, lead token architect at Digital Assets, Buterin said that Ethereum 2.0’s ‘phase zero’ stage of development was almost complete. He expressed that the process of Eth2Beaucoup, which included seven ETH 2.0 clients, included linking networks and operating in sync with one another. Interoperability between these seven clients was considered an important landmark in the development phase.

Buterin added,

“The next step is to make sure they can maintain a public network at scale. We’re talking about potentially hundreds of thousands of validators aggregating a huge number of transactions.”

Earlier, Ethereum 2.0 received criticism after it was reported that only 1.7 percent in interest per year would be allocated to validators who were willing to lock up huge sums of ether in smart contracts in order to validate transactions. The reward was considered too less to incentivize the validators of the ETH 2.0 network.

Buterin argued that it was based on a ‘misconception’. The 1.7 percent interest per year held true only if everyone in the network was staking. If everyone became a validator, each person would receive a 1.7 percent interest for their ether. If less number of people become validators on the network, the interest rate would automatically rise up. However, the co-founder announced that these numbers were still under debate and it was not set in stone.

Buterin also expressed his opinion on the ecosystem of decentralized finance [DeFI], which was largely based on Ethereum.

He said,

“I’m very excited about the potential DeFi offers in principle. The idea that just anyone, anywhere in the world, can have access to a system that lets them pay each other, and choose their own financial exposure, is a really powerful thing. It’s something that a lot of people don’t have access to.”

Additionally, Buterin also warned investors about the ‘significant risk’ associated with DeFi as it was new and still untested in the space. He believed it was not ideal to encourage people to invest in such applications despite its enormous potential in the marketplace.


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Ethereum Price Demonstrates Moderate Drop Since Yesterday Ruti Vora Ruti Vora 1 hour ago



Ethereum opened with an upward movement, but later it reflected a slight fall. The coin is currently recovering from the drop, but the fluctuation in the ETH price has caused a slight fall. The market is also indicating a less profitable day. Ethereum has recently reflected a sign of great potential. The Market Cap of the currency is noted as 19,467,193,122 USD.

In the last 30 days, ETH price was seen touching the highest score at 203.56 USD and slipping to the lowest at 167.07 USD. We are still speculating a recovery in the coin, but the price counters wouldn’t be moving much today.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Yesterday, Ethereum opened at $181.75. Then, it fell to $180.48 by 0.70% drop from the opening price. The drop continued and took another fall of 1.17%. The price counters switched from $181.18 to $179.06. The fall took the price to $178.52 from $180.28 and kept the price at the same level. Towards the closing hours, the ETH coin climbed from $178.43 to $181.65 by 1.81%. ETH closed the day with a moderate regression of 0.05%, and today it opened at $181.66 and dropped to $180.48 by 0.65%.

Ethereum price
Ethereum Chart By TradingView

Will ETH coin embrace an upsurge today?

Ethereum price was seen trading with upward motion in the first half of the year. The second half has started with losses. There is a high possibility of improvement in the ETH price. It is rumored that the upcoming quarter would bring a huge change in the price of Ethereum. By the end of 2019, it would be seen crossing its 30-day high value of $203. The investors with a long-term plan in mind can go for Ethereum as it would bring huge return on investment. Following are the most probable resistance and support levels to consider for safer trade:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $182.21, R2: $183.32 and R3: $185.13

Support Levels:

S1: $179.29, S2: $177.48 and S3: $176.37


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Ethereum Goes Straight to $183 Despite Gloomy Market



  • Ethereum gains 1.5% in one day and reaches 183 USD.
  • The range of Ethereum in the last one-month rests between 215 USD and 165 USD.
  • The medium-term outlook is likely to be bullish.

Ethereum seems to have gone above the market condition, and it is now being traded at 183 USD after a smooth 1.5% hike in the last 1 day. The coin has shown four major price swings in the last month, and the range of the movements happens to be between 215 USD and 165 USD. The medium-term of the coin is predicted to be bullish.

ETH Price Statistics-

Ethereum (ETH)10th September 03:09 UTC
ROI (Return on Investment)6,362.92%
Coin Circulation107,678,166 ETH
Market Cap19,740,115,313 USD
Value in USD183.03 USD
Value in BTC0.01775870 BTC
24h Volume7,418,152,606 USD

ETH to USD Comparison-

Ethereum Price
Ethereum Chart By TradingView

Ethereum’s first push happened between 11th August and 15th August, and this blow cost the coin a good 18.92%. This blow placed the coin at 175 USD from 215 USD. This was followed by a hike of 15.89% over the next 4 days, and it helped the coin to gain 16% to reach 202 USD. However, the value at the range of 200 USD could not be sustained for long, and this took a dip soon to 165 USD. This 18.37% fall had a break at 187 USD on 28th August. It should be noted that the fall took the coin to the weekly low on 29th August. The last swing of the week was a gradual hike of 11.45%, and this happened over 11 days from 29th August. This hike added 18.90 USD in total, and it had its high at 181.75 USD on 03rd September.

Ethereum Price Prediction-

Ethereum‘s movement in the last month, is not volatile like its peer, BItcoin. However, no short-term growth is expected from the coin. The medium-term is likely to be bullish. The next probable resistance and support levels are listed below.

Ethereum (ETH)
1st Resistance184.3933333 USD
2nd Resistance187.6366667 USD
3rd Resistance191.1233333 USD
1st Support Level177.6633333 USD
2nd Support Level174.1766667 USD
3rd Support Level170.9333333 USD


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