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Bitcoin (BTC) Registers Heavy Loss in Weekly Trading Duration; Hovers Around $10,00

  • Bitcoin price falls by 4% in the 7-day chart.
  • It seems to be a temporary downtrend, as it maintains the trading price range above $10,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) has booked a bearish trend in the market. The coin is not indicating any improvement since a few days now, and it seems that the same will continue for some more time. However, the currency has shown a remarkable growth from the beginning of the year. BTC price opened the year at the trading price of $3,999 and is now dealing beyond $10,000.

We are positive that it might start recovering by the end of the ongoing week and should give a push to go beyond $11,000. However, if it breaks below $10,000, it ought to see support around $9,800; marking a price even lower than its 7-day low. There are strong anticipations that Bitcoin price might close the month around a similar price level

Bitcoin to USD Price Comparison

Bitcoin Price
BTC Chart by TradingView

Looking at the chart, we can observe a fall in the price of the coin. Starting from 6th September, BTC price reflected an upward movement but later fell massively after touching $10,929. The fall in the intraday price was of 2.29% as the counters changed from $10,600 to $10,357. On 7th September the coin felt a pull-up in the price, which marked a progression of 1.59% by touching $10,518 towards the end of the day.

Later, Bitcoin again started falling from 8th September. There was an intraday loss of 0.88% as it closed at $10,425. On 9th September, the trend continued and registered the loss of 1.01%, as the closing price of the coin was $10,320. On 10th September, BTC dropped from $10,320 to $10,230 by 0.88%. Yesterday, the coin booked a moderate movement as the price counters changed by 0.14% and closed the day at $10,216. Today, the coin is trading at $10,150, at the time of penning down.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

The above-mentioned chart is reflecting that Bitcoin started the weak at $10,600 and is now at $10,100. The fall in the price of BTC is by 4%. However, despite a heavy fall, we firmly believe that BTC has the potential to recover the loss, provided if it gets a great push.

Bitcoin is known for ruling the crypto market. The coin has always been result-oriented and hence, investing in it would give a high return in the future. We would strongly recommend the traders to dig in for long-term investment plan to get the desired result.



Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD bulls face an uphill task as five strong resistance levels hold the price down – Confluence Detector

  • BTC/USD dropped from $9,662 to $9,307.85 this Tuesday.
  • There are no healthy support levels on the downside.

BTC/USD daily confluence detector


BTC/USD had a heavily bearish Tuesday as the price dropped drastically from $9,662 to $9,307.85. It has fallen further to $9,300 in the early hours of Wednesday. The daily confluence detector has no healthy support levels on the downside, which are holding the price up. On the upside, there are five strong resistance levels which the bulls will need to overcome. These levels are at $9,325, $9,350, $9,550, $9,580 and $9,700

$9,325 has the Previous Week low and 4-hour Bollinger Band, while $9,350 has the one-day Bollinger Band, SMA 5, 15-min Previous Low and one-day Fibonacci 23.6% retracement level. $9,550 has the one-week Fibonacci 23.6% retracement level and SMA 200. The strongest resistance level is at $9,580, which has the Previous Month high and one-day Pivot Point resistance-one. Finally, $9,700 has the one-week Fibonacci 38.2% retracement level, one-hour Bollinger Band, four-hour Bollinger Band and SMA 100.


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The Rundown

  • Bitcoin Sheds 5%
  • Gold Still Bullish

Bitcoin has plunged through key levels of support today dragging the entire crypto market down with it as usual. Gold conversely continues to rise, is BTC still a safe haven?

Crypto markets have dumped over $15 billion in the past 24 hours as the correction accelerates. The move lower was largely expected after such an extended period of good gains and there is no need for panic or FUD just yet.

Total market cap is back down at $260 billion which is 10% lower than it was at the beginning of the week. Volatility is still a huge aspect of crypto asset markets.


Bitcoin has collapsed through key support levels at $9,300 today as it bottomed out at $9,100 during early hours trading in Asia.


BTC chart 1 hour –

The move has accelerated losses which began almost a fortnight ago and have so far resulted in a 13% pullback which is nothing unusual for BTC.14 BTC & 30,000 Free Spins for every player, only in mBitcasino’s Crypto Love Affair! Play Now!

It is currently holding on to this support level with the lower one around $8,800. Below that there is nothing stopping a dump down to $8,300 where more solid support lies. A move to the upside is looking very unlikely at the moment.


According to the charts the precious yellow metal hit a new seven year high this week of $1,670/oz marking an overall rise of 10% this year which is impressive for a non-volatile asset.

With bitcoin’s decline some have begun to question its status as ‘digital gold’ as it decouples from the asset.

Naturally serial bitcoin basher and goldbug Peter Schiff couldn’t resist sticking his oar in despite BTC outperforming gold this year by 16%. It should be noted that these tweets generally appear to be posted solely to troll the crypto community.

“It should be clear to Bitcoin bugs and CNBC anchors that Bitcoin is digital risk, not digital gold.”

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Finnish Authorities Have $15M in Seized Bitcoin But Don’t Want to Sell It

Finland’s customs agency has been struggling with what to do with a horde of bitcoin it fears could end up back in the hands of criminals if sold off.

Finnish Customs, known locally as Tulli, has been trying to offload a total of 1,666 bitcoin for several years, even drawing up a plan in September 2018 for a public auction of the digital coins. But officials have concerns that a sale would attract the wrong kind of attention and that it could even put the agency’s own security at risk.

Speaking to local media, Tulli director Pekka Pylkkanen said: “From our point of view, the problems are specifically related to the risk of money laundering. The buyers of [cryptocurrency] rarely use them for normal endeavors.”

Tulli confiscated the bitcoin trove following a successful bust of an online dark market in September 2016. At the time, bitcoin traded at around $570, meaning the 1,666 BTC was worth approximately $950,000. With prices now just under $9,200, it’s worth closer to $15 million, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index.

At bitcoin’s all-time peak near $20,000 in December 2017, the cache would have been worth almost $33 million.

Tulli isn’t the only government authority having to decide what to do with confiscated bitcoin, usually with dollar-values many times greater than when they were first seized. The U.S. government, which has seized hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of bitcoin over the years, has hosted multiple online auctions for confiscated bitcoin.

Bitcoin confiscated by the Belgian authorities was sold by an online auction house in early 2019. And later that year, U.K. police used the same auctioneer to sell more than $290,000 worth of cryptocurrency it had seized from a teenage hacker.

In 2018, the Finnish government barred customs officials from trying to sell seized bitcoin on exchanges or trading platforms, ordering the agency instead to hold any confiscated digital assets in a secure cold storage solution.

Pylkkanen’s claim that most crypto holders use them for illicit purposes isn’t supported by the numbers. A November report from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic suggested $829 million in bitcoin, just 0.5 percent of all transactions, were linked to the dark web.


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