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European Central Bank bows down as Bitcoin {BTC} bulls anticipate massive surge

Bitcoin is ranked at #1 to the north of Ethereum in the market. The BTC dominance rate rests at 69.8% for now. The price grew at a rate of 0.10% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded stands at $13.684 billion, whereas the supply has 17,936,537 BTC coins in play. As of this moment, the total market cap of Bitcoin is $185.362 billion. BTC is presently priced at $10,334,34.

A recent report published by CNN shows that the European Central Bank has brought down the figures tied to interest rates. Just a couple of days ago, Donald Trump had accused the Federal Reserve of being lazy. This has led to several prominent institutional investors and renowned personnel to declare that Bitcoin will soon be propelled by bullish momentum.

However, the majority of folks working diligently at Wall Street still hold the opinion that Bitcoin isn’t yet a “safe haven”. While this claim isn’t entirely accurate, the volatility present in the cryptosphere is an issue that should be addressed. I understand that the price is driven up and down due to activity from buyers and sellers respectively, but a permanent solution is needed to attract mainstream attention.

While the king coin hasn’t fully recovered, the rest of the altcoins have begun bouncing back. Most notably, Cosmos soared through the ranks a few days ago and was placed amongst the top gainers during the previous week. New buyers would help Bitcoin scale to greater heights once Bakkt is launched by the end of this month.

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