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Uphold welcomes Digibyte, along with 14 other new cryptocurrencies

The platform boasts a million users all over the world already, and the service includes mobile apps for both major mobile operating systems (Apple and Android).

Uphold is a private company devoted to processing instant and secure international payments. Its compliance at the worldwide level and security features are world-class. It’s easily integrated into open APIs. So whatever your industry does, Uphold has a suitable digital solution for you. And now, the platform has announced the support for DigiByte (DGB).

The service has many advantages. It offers instant and secure global transfers, low-cost currency, and commodities conversions which are protected against the usual FX risks. Your funds are stored for free, and you have access to a global base of customers without all the hassle (and costs) inherent to settling international payments.

The company understands that every business in the world is unique, so it’s willing to work with each customer individually to come up with a tailored solution that suits its specific needs perfectly.

The 15-day countdown challenge

On last August 28th, the company announced that it had heard its customer’s voices. They wanted more digital assets available, so the company listened and moved to include 15 new currencies carefully selected amongst the crypto verse’s more promising projects.

The company called this the “15-day crypto countdown challenge.” It started on August 28th with Tron’s Tronix currency, and it’s kept going since then with Nano, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, Iota, Chainlink, Cosmos, Neo, EOS, ZRX, NEM, Zilliqa, Decred.

Yesterday was the countdown’s final day and the last coin to be included is none other than DigiByte (DGB). And the buying fee for this currency was precisely equal to zero for 24 hours.

This is excellent news for Uphold’s users as they will have a broader range of choices to invest their money or quite simply to get ahold of a promising coin. It’s also a good development for all the blockchain projects involved. Every project wants to be available in as many reputable platforms as possible. That increases utility for the token, demand, and both things drive the market’s price up.

The latest platform that just listed DigiByte is one worth more than a try

The platform includes trade in 23 fiat currencies as well as 23 cryptocurrencies. But it adds versatility to your standard cryptocurrency exchange by supporting three stablecoins and four precious metals.

Funding your account is comfortable with a debit card, the conversion is instant, and blockchain access allows you to transact with your digital wallets in seven different chains. It even offers a low-cost credit service secured by your digital assets.

Uphold’s services are exciting, trusted, and transparent. They don’t use your money for any hidden purpose, and the company’s holdings and obligations are published in real-time. The security standards are very high through location-based protocols and two-factor authentication.

The platform boasts a million users all over the world already, and the service includes mobile apps for both major mobile operating systems (Apple and Android).

The company’s developments have been covered by authoritative technological newspapers such as Forbes, Wired, and even the Wall Street Journal, not to mention this very website.

If you’re not involved with Uphold yet, maybe you should take a moment and give it some thought especially if you are a DigiByte fan. It’s one of the most versatile exchanges on the planet, and it will allow you to do things that are just impossible in many other more famous platforms.

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