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Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) May Close The Day Trading At $310

  • Ethereum dips by 0.5% in the last 5 hours trading at $306
  • Ethereum may close the day trading at or above $310

Ethereum has slowed down a bit but may pick up momentum in no time trading above $310 soon. The start of the day has been tremendous with almost steep surge and the day may close on a higher note. The coin has been successful in maintaining $300 value throughout the day, and it’s now going to surge higher going bullish in the coming weeks. The current market performance is progressive and paves the way for bigger investments from global players.

Ethereum Price Statistics:

As on June 22, 2019, at 11:40:07 UTC, ETH is trading at $306.50 and has shown a downtrend of over 0.5% in the last 5.5 hours. The coin opened the day trading at $294.55 and crossed $300 within an hour and since then has been rising almost exponentially with few dips.

Ethereum Price Chart - 22 June
Statistics09:28:09 UTC11:40:07 UTC
Price  (USD)308.28306.50
Price (BTC)0.028583590.02819032
Market Capitalization32,862,604,35432,821,925,778
24h volume9,924,353,6159,796,148,313
Circulating Supply106,592,888 ETH106,593,869 ETH
Return on Investment>9000%>9000%

The price of the coin has fallen, followed by its market cap and 24 h volume, but the circulating supply of the coin has now increased, and the ROI remains above >9000%. The coin is headed towards a bigger milestone for the day.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

Ethereum has been trading above $300, and it may cross $310 by the end of the day. The coin may trade above $350 in the next month and may cross $1000 mark by the end of the year.


Ethereum is a good investment now and may pay huge returns by the year-end. The coin can be used for long term investments, also with good benefits.

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