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Tron teams up with a major Information Security Center to expand blockchain

Tron founder Justin Sun announced that they had reached a partnership with the information security center of State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching, BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications). According to the official announcement, both parties will cooperate closely in the areas of smart contracts based on zero-knowledge proof.

Tron Foundation announced that they have teamed up with the information security center of State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching, BUPT. Tron claimed that this move is of great significance, where they can draw on the expertise of academia to advance the research and development of its protocol.

Justin Sun tweeted that the reinforcing efforts from both the industry and the academia will be sure to advance the blockchain sector. Since 2016, the global investments in the blockchain technology have increased five-fold, and the total volume has reached $2.7 billion.

The blockchain market is expected to rise more than $150 billion over the next five years. Partnerships like Tron and BUPT are likely to strengthen the blockchain industry further and will contribute to the development of the sector as a whole. A few years ago, the blockchain sector amounted to $1.3 billion, and smart contracts provided for 27.6% of the total blockchain market turnover.

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