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Bitcoin ATMs double in number in just 12 months

  • At least 5 BTC ATMs are installed every day around the world.
  • North America leads the world with the highest number of installed Bitcoin ATMs.

The demand for Bitcoin ATMs has been growing at a remarkable rate over the last year. Dar from Coin ATM Radar says that in just 12 months 1,900 Bitcoin ATMs have been installed across the world; representing a 50% growth. In other words, there are 5 new Bitcoin ATMs being installed every day. The demand shows that the adoption of the largest cryptocurrency is on the rise.

Bitcoin ATM manufacturers’ business continues to boom with this growth. The leading manufacturers include CoinCloud which has built 374 ATMs, CoinFlip which has 348 ATMs installed and Bitcoin Depot with 312 ATMs. Other significant manufacturers include Coinsource, Rockitcoin and Bitcoin America.

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