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Justin Sun forays into Samsung’s upcoming event to raise awareness about Tron and blockchain technology

A popular Tron enthusiast affirms “Something brewing in TRON.”

Samsung’s upcoming SDC 2019 has been touted by many in the technology space as the showcase for the latest developments in the mobile and computing space. Reports, however, have emerged that there will be a digital assets aspect for the conference too, with Misha Lederman, a popular Tron enthusiast tweeting:

“Something brewing in TRON:”

“In an agenda that’s predominantly run by @Samsung personnel, it’s quite intriguing that #TRON blockchain founder @justinsuntron is leading a session of his own. It’s titled TRON, Blockchain, & Real-World Use Cases”Indeed #TRX”

Lederman was right in predicting that there is a focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as the program agenda clearly details a multi-step agenda to promote the field.

One of the blockchain-related events is called ‘Market Trends and Opportunities for Blockchain-Based Decentralized Identity (DID),’ where key industry leaders will share insights on market trends and opportunities for Decentralized ID based on blockchain technology.

Another keynote related to the digital asset market will be called the ‘Samsung Blockchain is open for Partnerships.’ According to Samsung:

“Samsung believes in an open environment and embraces the idea that the decentralized world will revolutionize how we interact, work, and play. Join us as we share our position on blockchain technology and what Samsung hopes to do by collaborating with developer communities and various protocols to further this revolution.”

The Tron event during the SDC will be the last blockchain-related program where Justin Sun, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Tron, will speak about how Tron will be used to make mainstream applications more streamlined and practical.

Samsung has been quite active in the blockchain space recently with the South Korean giant’s subsidiary, Samsung SDS, partnering with Tech Mahindra for a new Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] product. The official press release from the company had stated:

“Samsung SDS, a global leader in digital transformation and innovation solutions, announced its collaboration with Tech Mahindra and Pega to launch a blockchain-based traceability solution integrating Pega Platform™ with Samsung SDS Nexledger Universal. This solution will be showcased across several industry events, including ENG’s 4th Annual Automotive Warranty Management USA Summit.”

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