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Litecoin’s Loafwallet to Participate in CP3 ‘Crypto Pay & Pension Plan’ via New Partnership


Litecoin’s Loafwallet partners with Cornerstone Global Management, LLC to participate in the CP3 employee payouts program-

On October 22, Cornerstone Global Management, LLC announced that it had joined forces with Litcoin’s native Loafwallet.

Cornerstone Global Management is working on a program for paying out salaries and pensions in crypto and wants to use Loafwallet for that.

The new ‘Crypto Pay and Pension Plan’ (CP3) to be announced on October 26

By now, Litecoin’s native wallet, Loafwallet, has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. The program for paying salaries and pensions in crypto (CP3) will enable any officially working US citizens to choose what part of their salary they want automatically paid out it BTC, LTC or ETH. After the funds are converted, the crypto will be sent either to Loafwallet or to any other wallet employees choose for that purpose.

Cornerstone Global Management in their Medium post:

“The Loafwallet makes perfect sense as a partner in this capacity, as the Litecoin community is known as one of the most active and ‘real world adoption’ using groups within the entire crypto space.”

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, believes that the collaboration of Loafwallet with Cornerstone Global is “great for getting Litecoin and Loafwallet into the hands of as many people as possible”.

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