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The Future of Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

Here at CryptoFelix, we pride ourselves on offering world-leading and unbeatable cryptocurrency market forecasting. Since our inception in late 2017, we have been able to guide our members in the right direction and help them avoid massive losses in one of the longest and most crippling bear markets known to this market. We have even allowed them to make stupendous returns betting against the market as part of our Priority service. Our accuracy rate in predicting where the market is heading is nothing less than phenomenal and even a child can observe this! This service has grown significantly since its inception with 1700+ subscribers to our channel and a 13,000+ strong following on Instagram!

Thereafter, we gained massive demand from our following to open the doors to our Priority fund and allow our members to put their feet up and have everything on autopilot. We take care of all the trading and the leg work and allow our investors to enjoy massive returns even during one of the greatest bear markets in the history of the market. This is contrary to a lot of people’s experience as they are facing massive losses in the market currently. Since the inception of the Priority fund in March of 2019, our investors have made a return on investment to date of 237.5% and this is in terms of new bitcoin created for our investors – if we were to calculate the fiat growth of our investors accounts, we would be looking at figures even higher than this. Just to put things into perspective, an investor that invested 0.94 BTC in April of 2019 would currently have 5.66 BTC and this doesn’t factor in the withdrawals that they had made along the way.

You may be asking yourself, how on earth are we able to make such returns in a bear market?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. We utilise amazing market insights ahead of the rest of the world and use that to our advantage. The fact that we can accurately predict where the market is going pretty early on, allows us to utilise margin trading facilities such as Bitmex and Bitfinex in order to make massive gains with the help of leverage and the ability to bet against the market. However, it is important to note that leverage or the use of margin is extremely dangerous stuff and we only ever use a maximum of 30% of the fund to ever participate in these profitable market activities. The other 70% of our fund is usually in Fiat during a bear market and when we see that the market will go up quite a bit, we remove it from fiat and back into Bitcoin – this is exactly what we did in the most recent bull run from $3,300 to $13,000! Thereafter, when the bear market took back charge, we transferred the 70% BTC allocated back into fiat at around $10,500 and we plan on keeping that 70% in fiat until around the $4,400 level, whereby we believe the earliest signs of recovery may take place – to add to this, we suspect lows of $3,300 to be formed and even further to $2,200 (now you know where you heard this first). What does this mean for the Priority fund and our investors? This means that once the market hits our targets to the downside, we will be able to purchase up to x4 more BTC without much risk. To add to this, its positive to note that we won’t be seeing the significant losses and depreciation of assets that the rest of the market will be seeing – simply because we are intelligent investors that follow a solid strategy rather than acting/making decisions on our emotions.

This all has led to our fund having assets under management £2.6m+ and our fund growing naturally by word of mouth more than anything else! We also do not have any conditions as to when you can withdraw funds as do most funds and allow our investors to utilise instant withdrawals.

What does this fund entail and how is it different from existing funds in this market?

Well, first and foremost, we need to take in to account that we pride ourselves in the rate of winning trades that we produce. This cannot be found anywhere else and we trade in a very methodical and systematic manner. Moreover, we understand that risks in this market are very high, as are the rewards. Thus, we ensure that your funds are well looked after in order for them to garner the results we aim for. How do we do this? Well, we operate by multiple principles. As explained above, we hedge funds during bear markets by shorting the market using margin trading and/or keeping funds in USD for risk-averse clients during turbulent times.

In addition to this, the fund does not focus on lesser-known cryptocurrencies as we believe that 90% of cryptos will cease to exist and just like the Internet bubble only chosen and select winners will prevail. Therefore, you can be safe in knowing that your funds are invested in the best of the best. We also focus on a select few phenomenal coins due to our expertise with these coins. For example, move for move, XRP and ETH, we have predicted during the whole of 2018 and 2019 – again this can be backed up with evidence very easily by simply scrolling through our Telegram channel.

However, it is important to note that at this given moment in time, the fund focuses on primarily bitcoin but we do offer information on the major altcoins as suggested above through our information services such as the CryptoFelix priority and VIP channel.

What is the main aim of this fund?

We understand that a lot of people have an interest in investing in the cryptocurrency markets and that a lot of people have had a bad start in this market, due to misinformation and investing their funds with the intention of becoming a millionaire overnight as portrayed by the media. We aim to create a financial product, which select investors, who we choose can invest in. This product will take advantage of ALL market movements and aim to increase and grow your funds over time. While at the same time aiming to minimise risk to tolerable levels and also using correct market mechanisms to ensure that your funds are always safe. Our expertise means that we are able to correctly predict the markets in a coherent manner through set structures before even executing trades. All trades we place go through the same systematic process and hence the systematic returns that you can come to expect.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that there is a significant difference between trading and investing in cryptocurrency. The first involves taking advantage of moves in any direction and often involves positions being held over a few days or even hours at times in anticipation of a move in our preferred direction. The latter, which is investing in cryptocurrency for a longer-term basis, we only participate in that during times we foresee significant bull movement in the market. The latter also involves holding positions for weeks and months on end before closing your position, and till the bottom is reached, 70% of the fund will be in USD and shall not be subject to the vicious daily fluctuations that we see in the market but rather medium term and long term outlooks. Therefore, the priority fund is useful for investors that want to take advantage of the volatility of this market whether it be up or down, while at the same time avoiding massive losses itself being a result of the same volatility of the market.

How much do I need to become a part of the Priority fund?

We pride ourselves in only accepting certain criteria of investors and often give them a service above and beyond what they initially came to expect.

The main financial criteria for investment into the Priority fund are as below:

  1. IF you are already a member of our Priority services (this comes with an initial and lifetime fee of 1,500 GBP to receive lifetime exact entries and market insights from our priority fund), the minimum deposit threshold is reduced to as low as 0.6 BTC to invest in the priority fund.
  2. IF you are not a member of our priority services but would still like to invest in the Priority fund, then a minimum investment of 10,000 USD applies.

Withdrawing funds from the priority fund and fees involved with the fund

Do I benefit from referring friends and family to the fund?

The answer is YES! We offer competitive and ongoing referral benefits of 2.5% of all profits generated by us for your referred account.



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