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TRON community teams Crypto Alliance, Nolle Legends and A-Team rock in Phase 1 of TWJ Events

Nolle Legends came out on top with 51.65 points followed by A-Team with 27 points and Crypto Alliance with 21.34 points.

It is a known fact that the community is what makes anything popular and robust, and that can be emphatically said in the case of the Tron Weekly Journal [TWJ]. Since last week TWJ has created multiple events for its community and boy how everyone responded

We had three major teams who gave it their heart and soul to compete in Phase 1 of the competitions, which ranged from creating a social media buzz on Twitter as well as a quiz competition that was more intense than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The three esteemed teams that we had were Crypto Alliance, Nolle Legends, and A-Team, teams that ensured both contests went down to the wire. The first contest hosted by TWJ as part of Phase 1 was creating a mass movement of Twitter by garnering followers and with multiple retweets. Phase 2 of the competitions will also include another esteemed team, the Super 5.

Crypto Alliance consists of the CEO of RaptorXchange as well as the CEO of Cryptocannabis, who serves as the graphic designer. The roster is also built with the Chief Satire of and the administrator for the Telegram handle.

The A-Team is confident that cryptocurrency can be an exciting venture if one knows the proper direction. The team members claim that they are the “much-needed signpost between the new explorer and the cryptocurrency world.”

The Nolle Legends comprises of 5 individuals across the globe who got connected on the NoleCoin platform for philanthropy. The team claims that they endeavor to spread awareness about cryptocurrency in general and the Tron ecosystem in particular.

In terms of the total number of followers, Nolle Legends came out on top with 51.65 points followed by A-Team with 27 points and Crypto Alliance with 21.34 points.

The teams were then adjudged based on the total impressions created on twitter. This part of the contest was tightly contested as Crypto Alliance with 42.41 points just trumped Nolle Legends, who had 41.26 points.

Crypto Alliance had a substantial lead in points when it came to the number of videos shared on Twitter, taking the podium with 57.14 points. Nolle Legends and A-Team came second and third with 28.57 points and14.28 points, respectively.

The contest on Twitter heated up with Nolle Legends taking the lead in the number of tweets sector, with a first-place points tally of 45.88 while Crypto Alliance received 34.11 points and A-Team had 20 points.

Crypto Alliance was not a team that sat down after a beating and claimed victory in the retweets competition with 43.32 points. A-Team had to be content with 33.98 points while Nolle Legends held on to 22.69.

The Scheduled event composed of a quiz competition for all teams with questions that were a mix of digital assets and general knowledge. All the participants ensured that they gave it their all with grey cells firing all around. The participants were given 50 points for a right answer and negative 15 points for a wrong call, something that tripped up a lot of players.

The quiz ended with Crypto Alliance claiming a landslide victory, amazing a whopping 355 points while A-Team received 100 points. Nolle Legends tripped on the negative marking guillotine and received a negative 15.

At the end of Phase 1, TWJ is honored to announce Crypto Alliance as the winner of the current phase, with a total tally of 553.33 points. A-Team has come in second place with 211.61 points, while Nolle Legends had to settle for the third position with 175.05 points.

In the end, we would like to thanks the sponsors of this event: Nolle Legends, Moon Marketing, and Tron Sign. A huge thanks to them, without them, the event couldn’t have got hold.

Consequently, it has been a grueling and exciting Phase 1, and all of at TWJ urge everyone to participate with the same vigor and passion during the upcoming phases. It looks like the competition is just getting started. Good luck and Godspeed, everyone!

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