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Crypto Analyst Says $1 Million Bitcoin Call ‘Massively Over-Hyped’ – Plus Ripple and XRP, Litecoin Updates

From a skeptic’s take on Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratio to new support for XRP, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto.


A well-known crypto analyst says a model that’s increasingly used to predict the price of Bitcoin is getting far more attention than it deserves.

According to Alex Krüger, the stock-to-flow ratio, which tracks the circulating supply of an asset against the amount produced per year, is not a reliable tool to determine where BTC is heading in the long run.

Krüger says the model, which forecasts that BTC could hit the $1-million mark by 2025 based on the asset’s increasingly limited supply, is inherently flawed.

“Amazing how so many bring up S2F these days whenever anyone mentions bitcoin supply. I did not have S2F in mind when I wrote this tweet, and no, I don’t think it is very important, it is massively over-hyped.

The Stock to Flow model is to bulls, what the Tether Manipulation paper is to bears. Both based on fancy looking statistical models (more so the latter). Both are flawed. Doubt whoever believes in these extremes will change their minds. The mind believes what it wants to believe.”

According to Krüger, the well-documented fact that Bitcoin’s fixed maximum supply is 21 million coins means that, at the end of the day, demand for the asset is all that matters.

“Bitcoin is a demand-side story. Supply is fully deterministic. There are no supply-side shocks. Fixed total supply and diminishing supply growth are crucial because these drive demand. It is that simple. Demand is what matters most.”

Ripple and XRP

Ternio’s Visa debit card called the BlockCard now supports XRP. It allows users to deposit crypto and make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

The creators of the card say it is now available in the US and will soon launch in 31 countries across Europe.

The card supports 12 additional crypto assets: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, BAT, DAI, XLM, PAX, TERN, USDT, TUSD, and USDC.


The CEO of the crypto investment platform Abra says Litecoin’s work on privacy transactions could end up strengthening both LTC and BTC.

In a new tweet, Bill Barhydt says the Litecoin Foundation’s efforts to implement the MimbleWimble privacy protocol to ensure that Litecoin transactions are fungible is one example of the importance of the altcoin market.

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