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New Cryptocurrency Course Being Offered for Less Than $40

A new cryptocurrency course alleges that it can make digital currency a lot less confusing, and it costs less than $40.

A Cryptocurrency Course That Identifies Buy and Sell Signals

Cryptocurrency and blockchain education are growing, but it’s still not at the level it needs to be. While many companies are looking to add blockchain talent to their teams, many potential employees simply don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to do the jobs at hand.

In addition, many companies are looking to move beyond currency and finance when it comes to blockchain implementation and applications. Supply chains, for example, have benefited greatly from blockchain technology. Now, using a distributed ledger, manufacturers can trace a product from its point of origin all the way to its final sale. This way, they’re able to ensure that the item in question remains valid and in line with present regulations and doesn’t come from a questionable source.

The new course, known as the “Complete Stock & Cryptocurrency Investment Toolkit Bundle,” offers insight regarding how to trade both traditional stocks and digital currencies on crypto exchanges. The program offers 50 hours of educational material, including online video seminars and training videos.

An advertisement for the course reads:

With cryptocurrency still in its infancy stage, now is the best time to start investing and trading to maximize your returns. The bundle is packed with lessons about investment strategies, including how to identify buying and selling signals for bitcoin, how to store cryptocurrency safely, and what to know regarding the inherent risks you’ll encounter along the way.

It’s easy to assume that because bitcoin has been exploding in price since last April – as it did in 2017 – that all one needs to do is buy enough BTC to become financially stable. However, investors are warned to keep volatility in mind when looking into future crypto purchases.

Volatility is still a major problem in the crypto space, and price swings are known to occur randomly and without warning. Bitcoin itself, despite trading beyond $9,000 for more than a week, has seemingly fallen again at press time and is now trading for approximately $8,700. That’s a drop of nearly $400 in just 48 hours.

This Is Becoming More Common

At the same time, the class does mark a new wave of interest in crypto. A cryptocurrency course like this wouldn’t be offered if people weren’t eager to learn more and potentially increase their earnings.

In addition, it appears people are waking up to the idea that blockchain will be a mainstream form of technology in the coming years, and now is the time to get ready. Many universities and colleges are also offering new blockchain and crypto-related coursework to prepare students for what will no doubt be an influx of blockchain work opportunities when they’re of age.


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