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McAfee Peeved After News Outlets Twist His Words on Epstein

After releasing an ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ token on the McAfee DEX, and posting to Twitter repeatedly concerning the subject, John McAfee now feels that he is being misrepresented in multiple online news publications over his views on the high-profile and controversial death.

It was hard to miss, but as BeInCrypto recently reported, the eccentric network security expert released a unique digital asset (called $WHACKD) to commemorate the fact that, in McAfee’s opinion, ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.’ The token has been released for free and comes with the unique gimmick in that one in ten transactions get routed to a burn address, or “whacked.”

While this was clearly created as a message, it was hardly the only way Mcafee signaled his view. He also took to Twitter to post a video in which he made his positions very clear:

Only now, it seems as though media outlets are mixing up whether McAfee believes the man was murdered or is in fact still walking this earth. Showing examples of multiple headlines, McAfee has proclaimed his frustration with these oversimplified and frankly conflicting interpretations:

McAfee looks to be asserting that his only message was focused on the ‘didn’t kill himself’ aspect and not what his current condition is now. He even entertains the possibility that Epstein never existed in the first place:

The response from the community was largely supportive and, of course, included a flood of Epstein memes and accusations of bias in the media.

It may be true that some outlets aren’t appreciating the subtlety of McAfee’s message here, and are instead looking for a more sensational headline. That being said, no one who has been watching the situation unfold through Twitter has likely misinterpreted what the cryptocurrency renegade was getting at.

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