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Cardano [ADA]

Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA December 9th, 2019

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  • Charles Hoskinson to fight ChicoCrypto a Crypto-Youtuber in MMA Match for Charity
  • Fight reward to be shared to St. Judes Children’s Hospital

Prominent YouTuber ChicoCrypto and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson may be in the ring soon for an MMA match. The proposed fight will be to raise funds for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. In an astonishing turn of event, we may be seeing the first MMA match between two prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world.

Jason Appleton (@jasonappleton) has planned a fighting match between YouTuber ChicoCrypto and Cardano (ADA) Founder, Charles Hoskinson. The sole aim of the boxing match is to raise money for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. The proposed fight started as a joke which is gradually seeming to become a reality.

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Taking to his Twitter page, he went thus: “Ladies and Gentlemen, @ChicoCrypto has agreed to fight @IOHK_Charles in August of 2020 in an exhibition MMA match in Cincinnati, OH. No purse. Profits will go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. Let the training begin! Fighters, please sign in the comments. Agreed?”

Responding to the Tweet, Hoskinson stated with a resounding yes to the proposed fight stating that: “Just landed in Vegas, let’s raise a million for the kids.” Hoskinson appears to be ready and looking forward to the fight for a good cause.

Fight reward to be shared to St. Judes Children’s Hospital

ChicoCrypto has also asserted his intent to go through with the fight. The confirmation was made public when ChicoCrypto confirmed to his viewer his intention of going through with the fight during his live stream on YouTube. The fight is slated for August 2020, giving both parties ample time to prepare. The proposed fight between the Cardano founder and ChicoCrypto has encouraged others to envisage other leaders in the cryptocurrency world going head-to-head for a good cause.

Commenting on this, @JackofAltcoins states that there are some fights in the cryptocurrency world that many people would pay to see. Responding to @jasonappleton’s tweet, @JackofAltcoins stated that: The fight card should be:@IOHK_Charles vs @ChicoCrypto @ProfFaustus vs @cz_binance @justinsuntron vs @jaredctate @rogerkver vs @[email protected] vs @bytemaster7 @RichardHeartWin vs @ToneVays @CalvinAyre vs @PeterMcCormack.”

The same way some people are thrilled about the news, some are triggered. A particular user with the handle @MrTicketTaker states that he is not thrilled about the news and hopes it dies down soon. He went thus: “I hope this whole thing dies. I don’t look forward to hearing about this for the next 9 months while I sift through the latest ADA news. I hope you both just agree to let this die and donate to whatever charity.”

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