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Craig Wright goes all guns blazing as he addresses multiple concerns in the space

In a recent interview, Craig Wright, BSV maximalist and chief scientist at nChain spoke about the evolution of the world’s largest cryptocurrency as well as the issues surrounding him. 

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork had stolen the show in 2018 after the cryptocurrency split into two: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. The split was led by two parties who were each led by Roger Ver and Craig Wright respectively. Wright, who is also known as ‘Faketoshi’ in the digital assets space was recently part of an interview with Cryptonites, where he talked about the Satoshi Nakamoto vision and the advantages of blockchain technology.

Twenty nineteen has been a long year for Wright after facing multiple lawsuits and defamation cases in court. These stemmed from his claims that he was the actual Satoshi Nakamoto, the original inventor of Bitcoin. During the latest interview, Wright was poignant to mention that he was the one who created the Proof Of Work [PoW] system and that it actually works. In his words:

“The Bitcoin ecosystem or the blockchain ecosystem to be specific, allows users to be subject to a system of following up. If you look at any other financial system, you will find that it has many loopholes that scammers take advantage of. In the blockchain, however, all data is stored in an immutable fashion and that will go a long way in developing a positive society.”

Craig Wright further opined that banking is much more different than holding cash and a lot of developers don’t realize that. He was confident in blockchain technology’s ability to track capital wherever and whenever it was required with the added advantage of complete transparency. Blockchain technology allows users involved in a transaction to spot changes made by using a feature called the Byzantine General’s principle.

The Bitcoin SV proponent acts as the chief scientist at nChain and placed his bet on the fact that “blockchain will change the world”. Wright is no stranger to controversies in the cryptocurrency industry and has been a part of multiple ‘Twitter wars’ with other members of the cryptocurrency fraternity. He had even gone up in arms against Peter McCormack as well as other Bitcoin supporters on the top of  ‘Who is the actual Satoshi Nakamoto?’.

Despite the allegations and the issues, Wright did not waver from his stance that the cryptocurrency must stick to the mandates provided by regulatory bodies, granted the rules are just and well-thought-out. He said:

People say governments are bad and that cryptocurrencies alone will do the job. That’s false. There, in fact, will be no world without a government.”

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