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News Today – Top Headline for Tron, January 13th, 2020

  • Justin Sun teases a new secret multi-billion Benefits project
  • Sun claims expects project to bring 100 million new users
  • Tron community skeptical above Sun’s tweet considering Sun’s history of baseless promises and predictions

Tron News Today – It is no longer a surprise to hear Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron issue predictions and make promises to the ecosystem. On several occasions, his actions have been worthless and probably might have been taken to keep his protocol relevant in the crypto space.

According to reports, Sun has come up with another promise after he tweeted that Tron is working on a secret project. The TRX chief said the project will bring “multi-billion benefits” to Tron’s ecosystem. Sun also claims that the new project will result in the influx of at least 100 million new users to TRX.

Sun Teased a New Secret Project for DLive and BitTorrent

On Sunday, January 12 Sun teased an upcoming project for DLive and BitTorrent claiming that it will result in “multi-billion benefits” for the TRX ecosystem declaring a “conservative forecast.”

This is not the first time that Sun has made such an announcement. A reply on Sun thread pointed out to him a similar tweet he made last October. At the time Sun promised the onboarding of “billions of new customers for Tron.” The reaction to the TRX chief’s tweet proved skeptical, considering Sun’s history of outlandish promises, predictions, and teases. Indeed, Sun prompted the creation of the ‘annunciation’ concept to describe his habit of making many loud and empty announcements.

The Tron Noise

Despite having a large follower base on Twitter, Sun may have reasons for his continued habit of making loud noises. A study of his Twitter followers compared to his Google presence brought major discrepancies. There’s a good chance that the majority of Sun’s followers on Twitter are bought. If true, then the self-destruction embodied in his tweets make sense. Maybe this is the best way for Sun to keep TRX relevant. Nevertheless, Sun is not the first crypto figure to use social media for personal gain. Binance Chief Changpeng Zhao has also been accused of using paid Twitter commenters after a spelling error was spotted.

But there was a positive reaction in one reply to the TRON CEO’s latest teaser. According to one user mentioned TRON’s continued growth despite the network-facing constant scam accusations. At press time, the price of TRX is still fluctuating as it has been all day, before moving back to the price it started trading day at. This is a far cry from what happened early last year when one of Sun’s announcements was enough to push the price of TRX

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