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News Today – Top Headline for Tron TRX



  • Justin Sun to pay 1 million TRX to a Tron troll
  • Twitter user demands that Tron should pay its unofficial promoters
  • Biggest digital asset promoter running for president

Tron News Today –Tron has entered the limelight again after CEO Justin Sun offered to pay a whopping 1 million TRX to a Tron troll. The so-called Tron troll alleges that because Ethereum pays its trolls openly quarterly every year, that Tron must do the same. The user behind this is Udi Wertheimer. Wertheimer is a Bitcoin proponent and co-host on the Reckless Review podcast. He made the claims in a recent Twitter post. According to the user, Sun hasn’t given him any rewards for his actions. Claiming he shilled Tron and helped build its reputation on crypto Twitter. In end, Sun had to bulge to his remarks.

Tron Should Pay its Unofficial Promoters Like Ethereum Does

According to Wertheimer, Ethereum and ConsenSys usually compensate their trolls per quarter. Paying $70,000 every quarter in total. Sun quickly responded to the post that he would pay 1 million TRX to the Twitter user if he sent his wallet address to Sun’s DM.

heimer/status/1216316216459042821?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">January 12, 2020

Additionally, in the comment session, Wertheimer calls Sun his friend, that’s why he agreed to collect 1 million TRX for his role that he usually charges more than that figure. At this point, sarcasm found its way into the picture. But knowing Sun’s SMM tactics (an example was the Warren Buffet lunch), it could be that the dialogue was set up to make Tron the center of attention once again.

Most Prominent Crypto Promoter Running for President

The art of shilling coins has spread seriously on crypto Twitter. John McAfee the biggest crypto promoter who gave up his job is now running for the presidency. Two years ago and earlier than that, McAfee shilled a large amount of coins and covered one ‘coin of the day’ on Twitter. One of his favorite tokens at the time was Docademic (MTC). McAfee is alleged to have a large stash of MTC. McAfee also initiated a conflict with HitBTC exchange over MTC.

During his coin promotion campaigns, the market saw what was called the McAfee effect. Whenever the crypto mogul would talk about any crypto or call it a champion, its price will begin to surge higher shortly after. The community will start to buy it, thus pushing its price up. Eventually, McAfee stopped promoting digital assets and ICOs when the SEC started a crackdown on the asset class. The federal regulator demanded that McAfee stopped his work as a promoter. At the time McAfee alleged that he received threats from the SEC.

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Tron News Today – Headlines for January 26



  • Tron-backed mobile app for Android users goes live
  • The app allows users to win TRX tokens in exchange for playing games
  • The new product can potentially bring more adoption to Tron

Tron News Today – the idea behind digital currency protocols adding mobile applications to their offering is to draw positive attention to the crypto space. The ultimate goal is driving adoption. Some projects have flirted with the idea, while others have flirted with the idea. Now, one Blockchain-based project has delivered a community-developed mobile application that is bringing in plenty of attention and interest to the Tron ecosystem.

Until January 25, the Beta testing phase of this mobile app has been made available to users. Now that the project has moved passed the Beta testing phase, it has now been made available to the public.

The New Tron-based App Let’s Users Get TRX in Exchange for Playing Games

There are many reasons why this particular Tron-based app has gradually become popular. One of the main reasons is that it lets users earn some TRX tokens. This is attainable after they play games, view ads and open their app regularly. The TRX users earn here can be withdrawn. The concept is quite simple.

And it is going to bring plenty of attention to the Tron network.

After all, what every mobile user wants is gifts or free funds for just little effort. So we shouldn’t be surprised if this leads to more adoption for Tron. And if this happens, we can expect other projects to follow in Tron’s footsteps.

30,000 TRX has Been Paid Out Since the App Went Live

There is a strong chance that the rest of the altcoins will also introduce apps that are similar to the one that Tron has introduced in the future. With no less than 30, 000 TRX tokens already paid out to users since the app went live, it is safe to say that it has become a highly successful offering.

Note that this concept introduced by Tron is unlike the idea behind how Bitcoin faucets operate. The bulk of these platforms were ad-supported. They rewarded users for their clicks on the ad posts accordingly. Hence, we can agree that if crypto projects want to draw in more adoption or bring newcomers into their ecosystem, efforts like what Tron has introduced can be crucial in the coming years. Whether this development relating to Tron affected its price action remains to be seen. The price of Tron was trading at $0.016241 when this report was published.

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Tron’s Price Analysis: TRX/USD may recover towards $0.0171



  • TRON’s Justin Sun had another lunch with crypto celebrity.
  • TRX/USD is moving inside the downside channel.

TRON’s TRX, now the 12th largest digital asset with the current market value of $1 billion, has lost about 1.5% in recent 24 hours. The coin has been moving in sync with the market amid growing bearish sentiments. Tron’s 7-day volatility peaked at 25.98% on January 10 and retreated to 18.5% by the time of writing. TRX/USD is changing hands at $0.0164, off the recent low of $0.0156.

Justin Sun and Charlie Lee

Tron’s creator Justin Sun announced the meeting with Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee. He said that they had discussed Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tron and “some secrets”. The reference to the mystery, secrecy and mystifications are very typical to Sun. However, usually, all his super-secret projects and news are

grossly overestimated, that’s why they produce little effect on the community sentiments.  

Meeting @SatoshiLite. Talking about #Bitcoin, #Litecoin, #TRON & some secrets.

Notably, earlier this week Justin Sun met with Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. The date of the postponed dinner with Buffet remains unknown.

Also, Charlie Lee suggested that miners should donate 1% of their block rewards to the system. 

TRX/USD: technical picture

On the intraday charts. TRX/USD is moving within a downward channel with the upper boundary currently at $0.0171 and the lower border a $0.0156. Considering an upward-looking RSI on 4-hour chart, we may suggest that the coin is poised for a further recovery towards the upper boundary of the said channel.

On the downside, a sustainable move below $0.0162, reinforced by SMA100 4-hour, will open up the way towards $0.0160 and the recent low of $0.0156.

TRX/USD 4-hour chart


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Tron Leads Smart Contract Blockchains as Most Active DApp Platform




According to CryptoDiffer, 94% of Tron (TRX) users are active on the platform judging from their active TRX addresses

Tron is ahead of all smart contract platforms with the most active users. A Dapp Review by CryptoDiffer ranked Tron blockchain ahead of Ethereum and EOS. The ecosystem continues to grow with increased user activity on decentralized applications (DApps). In fact, Dapps accelerated the number of users to approximately 2.77 million.  Among whom, 11% were active users. 

These stats left the blockchain community in a frenzy. Further debunking long-held beliefs that Ethereum was at the top of the Dapp chain. CryptoDiffer outlined differentiating statistics behind Tron, Ethereum and EOS blockchains. Although Ethereum lagged behind both Tron and EOS, the data revealed that Ethereum remains the smart contract platform of choice for many users. 

Most popular activities on the Tron ecosystem consist of gambling and high-risk applications. A user base that accounts for at least 75% of the platform’s total volume and active users. 

Prior Dapp reports claimed that Ethereum was popping more active users. A claim that CryptoDiffer refuted. In other words, despite Ethereum boasting a high number of decentralized finance applications (DeFi), these numbers do not necessarily translate to an active user base. 

According to CryptoDiffer, 94% of Tron (TRX) users are active on the platform judging from their active TRX addresses. EOS blockchain followed with 90% active user addresses and then came Ethereum, with 61%. 

Tether (USDT) seems to be enjoying a share of the Tron bubble with Tron based USDT ballooning to almost $1 billion. A figure that indicates at least 20%

of the total supply of USDT coins. Presently, the US dollar stablecoin shows no signs of slowing down. 

The activity rate is an important aspect of judging the utility of an application. In fact a better indicator of the quality platform than user volume. Hence the disparity among DApp reviews ranking Ethereum at the top instead of Tron; arises from Tron having a slightly lower volume of users but a massive percent of whom are active. While on the other hand, Ethereum boasts about 2000 decentralized app developers on the platform. Additionally, Ethereum attracted a higher number of new enthusiasts.

For instance, Ethereum had 114K users in Q1 2019 compared to a whopping 578K users by Q4 2019. On the other hand, the number of new registrations on Tron fluctuated in Q2 2019. EOS would, however, face a decline as its users crashed from 163K in Q1 2019 to 58K in Q4. 

A prior report by Misha Lederman stated that Tron had 233K active user addresses. 5% of whose addresses were active. The report ranked Tron third after Bitcoin and Ethereum by activity rate. 

Unlike Tron, the rise in Ethereum’s new users is due to DeFi applications. And since most blockchain developers have the intention of democratizing banking and duplicating financial structures; it is clear the flock given Ethereum is the pioneer of DeFi apps. 

Meanwhile, Tron gaining the edge on the DApp ecosystem is quite encouraging. Analysts attribute the remarkable performance a result of last year’s launch of BitTorrent speed on the network. An action that potentially triggered bullish performance of the Tron (TRX) coin and boosted the number of new sign-ups. 

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