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Ripple Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit, Crypto Startup Responds to Allegations

New court documents show Ripple is responding to a patent infringement lawsuit and asking a judge to throw out the case.

North Carolina-based Cooperative Entertainment is suing Ripple for violating a patent filed in September of 2013 and approved in August of 2016. The patent describes a node-based network designed to power peer-to-peer content distribution.

“The present invention provides systems and methods for peer-to-peer (P2P) dynamic networks and/or sub-networks for file distribution between peers receiving the same content…

In particular, any instance of large data file distribution to recipient peer nodes is considered within the scope of the present invention, including but not limited to video file distribution, game content distribution, large data files, and combinations thereof. Any packet and/or stream of data that is ordered correctly and delivered in a timely way is considered the content for distribution within the P2P dynamic networks and/or sub-networks of the present invention.”

Cooperative Entertainment claims Ripple’s payments technology, including its use of XRP, violates the patent.

Ripple filed a motion to dismiss the case last Thursday. The payments startup says Cooperative Entertainment has failed to provide enough evidence to support its case and prove Ripple infringed on the patent. A hearing on the case is currently scheduled for February 13th in San Francisco.

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