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Portfolio tracker Crypto Pro launches dedicated macOS app

Crypto Pro, a privacy-oriented crypto tracker, is announcing the launch of its macOS app. The newly released app will enable users to access the platform directly from their macOS and stay connected across all platforms.

Extending the Apple Experience

The designated macOS app will act as an extension of the Crypto Pro iOS user experience, allowing users to access all of the app’s features and sync their accounts across all platforms. That way, all Crypto Pro users can access their Favorites List, API Keys, General Settings, Alerts, and Portfolios on multiple devices, removing the need to manually replicate the settings on every device. The app utilizes Apple’s Keychain framework to offer end-to-end encryption, which provides the highest level of data security.

Crypto Pro’s pricing structure for the macOS app will remain the same as for the platform’s iOS app. The iOS app, the Apple Watch app, and the macOS app are all available for free and offer a wide range of features, including cross-device sync. Advanced features such as automatic Exchange Import for portfolios, and live prices are only available on the app’s premium version. However, users subscribed to the iOS app can access all of their data and premium features on macOS with no additional charge.

By adding a designated macOS app to its offer, Crypto Pro has positioned itself as an all-in-one, multi-platform stop for everything crypto-related. Launching the Crypto Pro macOS app is the latest update brought on by the company, which includes a revamped desktop website, a designated Apple Watch app, and the addition of hundreds of new crypto assets.

About Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a California-based, privacy-oriented company focused on building a safe and secure ecosystem that will allow its users to track their crypto holdings. The Crypto Pro iOS app lists 5,931 cryptocurrencies. The data that determines the price of the coins is pulled from over 100 different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.

The app does not store any user data or use any analytics solutions to track its users. All user data is encrypted and stored locally on each device the app is installed on.

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