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Stellar Lumens Seeks To Fix Kinks In Armor With Latest Updates

The company’s latest Stellar Developer Digest touched on the major updates over the last week, combined with a discussion on the next Stellar testnet rest. 

Stellar Lumens has been active since the start of the new year and that has reflected in the developments also. The cryptocurrency company has promised its user base that the network updates scheduled for the forthcoming weeks will make the chain much more efficient. 

The company’s latest Stellar Developer Digest touched on the major updates over the last week, combined with a discussion on the next Stellar testnet rest.

The next Stellar testnet reset is scheduled to occur on January 29, a date set by the dev team to iron out any kinks present. The general recovery process from a testnet reset was articulated by the Stellar team frontend engineering department. The testnet is reset every 3 months and setting up a quarterly reminder to manually create the accounts is not the most efficient method.

The Stellar Lumens team has created a code script to check whether a known account exists and if it does not, it submits a handful of transactions. The latest application to be featured in the Stellar blog was, an XLM testnet token manager. According to the Stellar Lumens blog


“The testnet reset is in two days. A reset clears all testnet accounts, balances, assets, and offers. To make it easier for projects to recover, created a tool that allows you to issue and delete custom assets, create and customize market-making strategies, recreate assets and markets after a reset, and more.” claims to reduce the friction of building and testing Stellar assets on the XLM blockchain. The team behind the application have also stated that they want to lower the barrier for entry for building localized testing environments.

Stellar Lumens also talked about its Horizon ingestion engine which was launched to much fanfare last week. The team behind the launch spruced up any hangups int eh development phase with the release of Horizon 1.0.0 Alpha.

According to the team, the 1.0.0 version will set important new endpoints, which were not possible with the earlier code architecture. The latest Horzion update is also touted to improve service availability for production deployments.

One of the biggest complaints raised by Stellar customers was that processes such as pathfinding were slow. The new Horizon engine solves that problem by making all the endpoints faster. Toe ensure that no information is lost within the blockchain, the data inconsistency due to lag between endpoints has also been eliminated.

Despite the multitude of changes in the chain, XLM supporters want to see real movement in terms of price. As the market begins to stabilize,  XLM supporters can only wait to see a price action that will rocket the crypto on the charts.

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