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Cardano [ADA]

Cardano (ADA) Refreshes Its Architecture by Kicking Off New Node

The Cardano team rolls out a major upgrade that will make implementation of future updates easier .

On Wednesday, the Cardano team released a major update – a new Cardano Haskell implementation. It is made up of the Cardano Node and the Cardano Explorer Backend with Web API, a blog post says.

The crucial Cardano upgrade

The Cardano team has been working on this upgrade for around a year and a half. The new architectural foundation they have been building is meant to ease the launch of the upcoming Shelley and Goguen releases. The upgrade also promises to allow third-party dev teams to build on Cardano and open the door to enterprise adoption.

As per the blog post, the changes will start with the upgrade scheduled for February 20 – Ouroboros BFT. So far, Cardano production remains working on the old implementation of the network node. It says:

“After the update to Ouroboros BFT, we will be able to migrate the core nodes that create blocks, while Daedalus users will be able to upgrade later, once the compatible wallet backend is available.”

New architecture is needed

The upgrade will introduce some radical changes to the current design of Cardano. Unlike the previous node, which was monolithic, the new one is modular. It will make future integrations much easier to implement.

The new node will be easy to incorporate into other systems, used by crypto exchanges, for example.

“In the new architecture, the node, wallet, and explorer exist as separate components (a new wallet backend will soon be released).”

‘ADA is more ambitious than Tezos’

Financial analytical agency, Weiss Ratings, has been favoring Cardano for a long time, differentiating it from other blockchains, such as EOS.

In a recent tweet, Weiss Ratings wrote that, despite many similarities between Tezos and Cardano, “XTZ is ADA light”. The agency also suggested that the Cardano Foundation is trying to create something much more ambitious than Tezos.

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