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The stellar Development Foundation Partners With The Blockchain Association

  • The stellar Development Foundation is driven by the idea that Blockchain technology is the way forward.
  • The SDF believes that Blockchain could make the system a lot better.
  • SDF wants to ensure that its ecosystem takes the central place in the public dialogues.

The stellar Development Foundation is driven by the idea that Blockchain technology is the way forward. Keeping this in mind, SDF is going to use this technology to provide equitable access to the global financial system.

They believe that the currently implemented financial system is getting old. Being deployed decades ago, the financial system is unable to reflect the requirements of the consumers. It doesn’t take advantage of the technology that offers a more equitable system, making it easier, faster, and more reliable when it comes to global transactions.

The SDF believes that Blockchain could make the system a lot better. It could provide a greater trust in the institutions and give power to the customers. Acknowledging this fact, SDF has launched Stellar, which is a global public Blockchain that is connecting today’s financial infrastructure in such a way that it provides greater financial access and inclusion and thereby unlocking the world’s economic potential.

However, the change proposed by SDF is not going to be instantaneous. It needs a lot of discussion and debates to clarify what the ultimate goal is. These conversations need to be straightforward so that it gets to the root of the risks and rewards offered by this technology. A collaboration between SDF, stakeholders, government institutions, and enterprises is of utmost importance.

SDF knows that it is a way forward, and to do it appropriately and to create a world where we want to live in, and they require everyone to be a part of the conversation that is going to decide how to shape the future. SDF wants to ensure that its ecosystem takes the central place in the public dialogues.

To ensure that the future mentioned above can come true, SDF has joined the Blockchain Association. The Blockchain Association is ensuring that the important conversation is not ignored by educating the policymakers about the usefulness of Blockchain.

They are representing the numerous industries that are realizing the importance of Blockchains; they understand the specific needs of the Stellar Development Foundation and are working to ensure a better future.

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