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Is bitcoin dice underrated

The Concept of fairness is the ultimate goal of the Bitcoin Gamblers all around the world. Everyone wants to enjoy their favorite games without worrying about the rigged gameplay. This has been the question on every player’s mind until the last couple of years, when the first versions of Bitcoin Dice started to show up in the game selection of the popular BTC Casinos. Before this, in physical and classic online casinos, the question of fairness was always experiencing heavy scrutiny. Nobody could guarantee gamblers that the games they play are absolutely fair until the first crypto casinos started to produce BTC Dice Games. From that moment onward, the question of Fairness was undisputedly proven. Although Dice is one of the most popular games for the crypto enthusiast gamblers all over the world, it’s still relatively underrated compared to the popularity it truly deserves. 

What exactly is BTC Dice? 

Bitcoin Dice Games are without a doubt one of the most popular Cryptocurrency-powered games available in the gambling world. Players often consider it to be the purest form of gambling, because the game allows to choose precise levels of reward vs risk characteristics, presented at the fixed rate with the fixed house edge rules. Bitcoin Dice offers players the ability to bet on the range of numbers, in higher or lower settings, choosing the area of numbers in which the final outcome will be generated. It’s a perfect game for the gamblers that like to totally control their chances and preferences. Higher risks produce higher rewards and lower risk setting result in lesser profit. 

Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice 

The Best thing about BTC Dice is the fact that Bitcoin Casinos provide this game with the Provably Fair Technology. Thanks to this revolutionary concept, any player can check the fairness of the game at any moment of the play using the advanced hash algorithm systems, designed to ensure the total trust of the gambling community. Other than providing total control over the gameplay, Provably Fair adds unmatched possibilities compared to the competition in the gambling industry. No other game in the gambling industry holds such significant benefits for the players. 

Popular Strategies in BTC Dice Games  

As with most of the popular games in the gambling industry, there are a couple of famous strategies that players use when playing Bitcoin Dice. Probably the most famous strategy is Doubling Down. It’s also known as the Martingale system, which inquires doubling down after the losing bet. After the victory, it’s essential to return to the initial amount. Another popular strategy is Doubling down after the victory. Unlike the previous strategy, it states that in case of loss, the player should return to the initial bet amount. If there are 3 consecutive wins, the player should restart from the initial bet. It’s considered to be a perfect strategy for the low-risk players.


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