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Massive 699,999,981 XRP Transaction Makes Waves As Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Move Under-the-Radar

A massive XRP transaction is turning heads among crypto traders.

The movement sent 699,999,981 XRP worth $141 million from the crypto exchange Bithumb to an anonymous wallet not known to be tied to any exchange, institution or crypto custody platform.

The huge transfer cost a fraction of a penny and was first discovered by the cryptocurrency ledger tracker Whale Alert. The move may represent a trader who has decided to shift the XRP to a private wallet instead of relying on the exchange for storage.

Although it’s possible the movement is Bithumb moving its crypto assets around on behalf of its customers, Whale Alert is designed to filter out internal transactions.

After a flurry of transactions to start the week, both Bitcoin and Ethereum whales are now all but silent. With the crypto market trading largely sideways after Bitcoin’s big pump above and back below $10,000, traders appear to be lying in wait for the next big shift.ADVERTISEMENT

Zero significant Ethereum transactions have been reported by whale watchers in the last 48 hours, with a relatively small number of three large BTC transactions discovered in the same time frame.

• 2,454 BTC worth $23.3 million transferred from Binance to unknown wallet
• 1,100 BTC worth $10.7 million transferred from Xapo to unknown wallet
• 1,025 BTC worth $9.9 million transferred from Binance to unknown wallet

Meanwhile, TradingView’s aggregated technical analysis of BTC, ETH and XRP is showing divergent results at time of publishing.

Bitcoin is a “strong buy” on the 1-day and 1-week timeframes and a “buy” on the 1-day timeframe. ETH is marked as a “buy” on all three timeframes. XRP is listed as a “buy” on the 1-day chart, and a sell on the 1-week and 1-month timeframes.

TradingView uses a combination of popular technical indicators including moving averages, oscillators and pivots to forecast the trajectory of the top crypto assets.

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