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Splinterlands Makes the Move from Steem to Hive; Shift Comes Right after Tron Acquisition

The cryptocurrency market is not without its share of disputes over major blockchains having their own clashes and issues. At the center of the latest movement is the Tron Foundation and Splinterlands, the most popular Dapp on the Steem blockchain.

According to recent reports, Splinterlands has moved to Steem ‘s rival blockchain Hive. This move came after Justin Sun had just founded Tron, who had recently acquired Steemit. Splinterlands is one of several Dapps part of an exodus to Steem’s fork blockchain.

The move of the Splinterlands has created quite a ruckus in the Tron blockchain, with several Tronics calling it out. Splinterlands, on their part, were quite ecstatic about the shift and even tweeted “Rejoice Splinterlandians!” Over the last few months, the Dapp has been quite a performer with a daily active wallet count of 4750. Even when the numbers were calculated on June 2, the number of unique wallets rose to 4829.

The trust in the Dapp was enough to show its developers that the community was still with them. Hive,  the fork of Steem has also benefited from migration in many ways. It was seen that on the day Splinterlands moved to the Hive blockchain, a whopping 16 per cent more traffic than Steem was recorded. According to market analysis, Splinterlands has also become the single most popular Dapp on the state of Dapps and DappRadar, two of the most popular Dapp metric counters.

Splinterlands’ announcement read:

“On Monday, June 1st, 2020 the Splinterlands game is planning to switch to the Hive blockchain as the blockchain of record for all game-related transactions. This is a very important transition for the game and not something we take lightly, but we feel that it is necessary to ensure the best possible future for the project and that it is in the best interest of our players and stakeholders.”

Sources from the Dapp made it clear that they did not take any sides within the community and only wanted what was best for the organization as a whole. Officials also reassured users that all Splinterlands assets will be completely safe and unaffected, giving a huge reprieve to all those involved in the project.

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