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3 snippets to begin your day: Cardano’s Coinbase news, Tron gets own emoji and more

cardano coinbase
cardano coinbase

With Ethereum 2.0 and the phased transition to Proof of Stake looming, many in the community are hyped for what they expect will be critical to the future of Ethereum. However, ETH 2.0 will follow months of project delays, something that was acknowledged by Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin on a recent podcast.

Highlighting two particular aspects, the PoS transition and sharding, Buterin claimed that the team had definitely underestimated how much time it would really take to finish all these projects. Lamenting about ‘wasted time,’ Buterin went on to claim that in retrospect, he would have made quite a few changes to Ethereum’s roadmap.

Interestingly, Buterin also conceded having made mistakes in the early years of Ethereum, with the co-founder acknowledging that gas costs weren’t quite set properly in the beginning.

Tron gets its own emoji

Justin Sun’s blockchain platform became the latest to join the crypto hashtag bandwagon after the CEO, in a recent tweet, shared the same to go with Tron’s latest giveaway. Interestingly, for Tron, the branded hashtag service seems to extend to not just #TRON and #TRX, but #TronAnniversary, #TronConference, and #TronGrandVoyage as well.

Here, it should be noted that Twitter’s branded hashtag service is paid for by the team or foundation behind the brand, in this case, the blockchain project. Following this development, Tron joins the likes of Bitcoin, Binance, and oddly,’s #CRO.

Funnily enough, this news will do little to alleviate the concerns of many who believe that Tron runs solely on marketing hype, despite the fact that a recent report seemed to claim otherwise.

More good news for Cardano?

The price of the world’s eighth-largest cryptocurrency has been on a roll recently, with ADA climbing exponentially despite the fact that the larger crypto-market is on a downtrend right now. Recent developments and announcements have contributed to ADA doing so well on the charts.

On the back of IOHK releasing the Shelley code and giving an update on the Voltaire phase, IOHK announced that it has signed an agreement with Coinbase, an agreement under which ADA holders will now be able to stake their assets in Coinbase Custody.

According to IOHK,

“This custody agreement allows us to offer the same secure storage solutions that can be found in traditional finance to ada holders, without sacrificing what makes Proof of Stake blockchains special.”

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