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Bitcoin Community Celebrates as Crucial Lightning Network Project Launches

Despite it having a strong fundamental premise, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has yet to see the adoption that its proponents hoped would happen.

According to Lightning data provider 1ML, there is only $9 million worth of BTC locked in the network. There are also only 13,000 Lightning nodes, which, while many more than last year, is not yet signaling mainstream adoption.

Yet a product was launched yesterday that changes the Lightning Network’s trajectory for the better.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Gets Boost With New “Strike” App

If you’ve been following the Lightning Network’s development for a while now, you’ve likely heard the names “Jack Mallers” and “Strike” mentioned a few times.

Mallers is a prominent developer and entrepreneur in the Bitcoin space. And Strike is his latest project — a BTC wallet focused on allowing regular people to use the cryptocurrency and the Lightning Network.

On July 2nd, Strike finally went into public beta, launching for iOS, Android, and Chrome.

“Strike is the direct result of years of Bitcoin + Lightning development, countless hours of user research, intense product iteration, and months of BETA testing.”


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