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The Tron Community Celebrates Own Twitter Emoji

Tron is the fourth blockchain project to be awarded a coveted hashtag on social media giant Twitter.  The Tron ecosystem celebrates the fact that TRX is the fourth blockchain to be granted a custom Twitter emoji hashtag. The CEO and founder of Tron, Justin Sun, launched the new emoji by tweeting on Friday, July 3rd. p  Like Tron ‘s tradition in their marketing campaigns, the new emoji comes with rewards that require members of the Tron community to put the latest emoji to their profile bios.

The Tron Community Members Excited

Much as during the Binance anniversary, the latest Tron Twitter emoji seems to be connected to a particular event. Furthermore, the emoji is related to the following hashtags “# TRX,” “# TRON,” “TRONGreatVoyage,” and “TRONConference.” Realistically, these four hashtags are tied to Tron 4.0 ‘s upcoming unveiling event.


Surprisingly, the project also obtained the hashtag “#TRONAnniversary,” which is most probably meant to be used in the future. Additionally, on August 29, Tron is set to launch the Tron Virtual Machine.

Bitcoin,, Binance Coin and now Tron
Back in June, the Tron community asked Justin Sun to enable the cryptocurrency to have its own Twitter emoji. The request followed’s CRO, which became the second cryptocurrency after BTC to have its customized emoji on the social media giants platform. Earlier this week, Binance Coin was just the third cryptocurrency to have a Twitter emoji.

Notably, Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to receive a branded emoji as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tribute to the coin. Dorsey also funds the development of the Bitcoin Network through its company Square. The other three coins have launched their branded Twitter emojis as a marketing campaign to expand their influence. In addition, of the four customized hashtags, Tron seems to be the biggest spender.

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