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Tron News Today – Headlines for July 5

  • Tron’s logo has joined the list of crypto emojis on Twitter
  • Justin Sun revealed Tron’s branded hashtag emoji on the wake of the “Great Voyage” Tron 4.0 event
  • Tron is the fourth digital asset to get its emoji on Twitter

Tron News Today – Tron has joined the growing list of cryptocurrency emojis on Twitter. The CEO of Tron Justin Sun posted the hashtag emoji as the network prepares for its Great Voyage Tron 4.0 event. Tron has become the fourth crypto-related protocol to get its emoji on social media platform Twitter.

Two of the Tron branded hashtags refer to the Tron 4.0 launch, which is scheduled for July 7. However, the “#TRONAnniversary” hashtag will be reserved for a future occasion. Only a few days after Binance unveiled its hashtag-emoji on Twitter, Justin Sun has revealed Tron’s branded hashtag-emoji on the same platform.

Branded Emojis are a Paid Service

Branded hashtag-emojis is a paid service on the social media platform Twitter. While the actual amount or price for the emoji is unclear, Larry Cermak, The Block’s director of research claimed that firms that commit at least $50,000 in Twitter ads expenditure may become eligible for a branded emoji. Brands like PepsiCo and Anheuser-Busch have already paid as high as $1 million for branded emojis.

Branded emojis are unlike regular emojis. They cannot be used as a stand-alone option. They can only be attached to a corresponding hashtag. Tron bought a bunch of them according to the report. Apart from the #TRON and #TRX, Tron’s logo also shows up by more specific hashtags like #TRONConference, #TRONGreatVoyage, and #TRONAnniversary all of which serve different purposes and events.

#TRONAnniversary Will Likely be Used to Promote a Future Event on Tron

In its turn, Tron’s “Anniversary” hashtag (#TRONAnniversary) will probably be used to promote a future event on the Tron network. Since Tron’s mainnet was launched on May 31 (the date has passed already) the emoji may be used to promote the August 29 event on Tron’s roaster. It is understood that Tron’s Virtual Machine event will go live. To celebrate and promote the upcoming event, Sun has announced a giveaway of multiple prizes for users who add Tron’s hashtag-emoji to their bio section and follow Tron’s accounts on Twitter.

Recall that from an earlier report from July 1, Binance became the number 3 crypto network to get its branded emoji on Twitter. By doing this it has joined a growing list that contains Bitcoin (received its own in February) and Coin (CRO). Both projects hold the top two positions.

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