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Internship at Ripple Engineering (XRP) and about UBRI and Flexible Anonymity

For those who are interested in Fintech and Blockchain, the Intern opportunity at Ripple Engineering can be an interesting deal.

Ripple tweeted:  “Interested in tackling distributed computing problems, making financial inclusion a reality for all & playing soccer? Then you might consider joining our #engineering team.”

It can be an interesting experience to learn more about making bots for the crypto exchanges. 

Steven Truong, Intern Alumni stated, Before my internship at Ripple, no. After, very much so!  I followed crypto avidly and researched blockchain applications with Blockchain at Berkeley and UCSF. I also dabbled with running trading and market making bots on crypto exchanges. If I hadn’t spent time at Ripple, I doubt I would have gotten into crypto in the first place.  Well… maybe I would’ve bought into The Crypto Boom of Late 2017.”

The intern have to state that he is currently working with the core team to make asynchronous messaging across the network possible. He states that they are focusing on making RippleNet reliable, scalable, and user friendly.

For those who are interested in the project involved according to Steven Truong have been learning about “leveraging message queue infrastructures, designing an async-capable payments network, and refactoring our core logic to support asynchronous processing.”

He also stated that he has been working on for much too long due to his own procrastination while designing and producing Ripple soccer jerseys made for their intramural soccer team. He also stated that during the season, they rally and play every week.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “It looks like a good opportunity to be an intern at Ripple Engineering.  Those who are interested should take a call at the opportunity.”

Ripple Engineering have to state that those who are interested in distributed computing problems, playing soccer will find the process of furthering financial inclusion to be a reality for all interesting.

Ripple (XRP) UBRI

In the section about How UBRI Supports Critical New Research into Blockchain Anonymity Stefanie Roos, Professor stated, “#Blockchain developers need to be mindful of both security and privacy. Learn how #UBRI is accelerating research into flexible anonymity.”

She also stated, “Because you don’t have to enter your real name, people believe that Bitcoin is very privacy preserving.”

She has been talking about the importance of creating flexible anonymity for blockchain-based payment systems particularly for enterprise transactions.  She also pointed to the risk where businesses who are paying their suppliers on the public blockchain might inadvertently reveal details about the products of services they might be developing to their competitors.

Just sounds like there is lot of developer work to go on to the network to ensure privacy.  Opportunity for developers.

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