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Ethereum (ETH) Vitalik on Satisfying the Sound Money Religion

Vitalik Buterin is very keen in the process of supporting Ethereum ecosystem client diversity.  The community strongly believes in that ETH is one of the best developing technology around. Several of them are very sure that they like Ethereum, they like it, and that they will save it and buy more of it. There is no denial about some of them getting concerned about the gas fees though.

There are also concerns about It having been a long time now and many of them waiting to hear exactly when this ETH2.0 will work full functionally and about when they will have the lower gas fee amount while doing transaction. While there is lot of concern happening about the technology many of them are concerned about getting in to business soon.

Vitalik Buterin tweeted:  “But if your project just involves moving tokens around, then there’s no excuse to not be looking into @loopringorg @zksync @omgnetworkhq today.”

While diversity is important, when it comes to multiple implementations sharing the same consensus code cannot be compromised.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “We hope to see Ethereum 2.0 bring more business on network soon. Will ETH win the blockchain market share of other Altcoins?”

Lot of investors are concerned about where their put their money.  They do not want to feel swayed with the DeFi craze.  The community is waiting for some true solution particularly about the gas price. While seasoned investors are in the advanced side of thinking about returns, more numbers of new entrants are getting educated about the blockchain technology, the related product, and discussions are happening at a larger scale than ever, not only within communities, but inter-communities.

On August 11, 2020 Vitalik tweeted:  “so we have to be patient for a couple of years in any case. I think you’ll find that lots of ethereum people are fully onboard with solidifying the economics after eth2. Though in the meantime @nethermindeth and other awesome teams have already made supply calculation scripts!”

Ethereum (ETH) and Sound Money Religion

Despite the prospected delay Vitalik however seems to acknowledge the religion of “Sound Money.” He establishes the reality that satisfying the sound money religion” cannot properly happen until the eth2 + EIP 1559 issuance schedule is implemented and proves its sustainability regardless.

To make sound money religion work, Vitalik expressed that the ETH community should put in a convenience function to compute the total supply. Ethereum looks like miles to work before they ship.

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