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Cardano Designs Free On-Boarding Course On How To Set Up And Run A Stake Pool

Cardano Foundation made enthusiasts excited with their latest announcement on social media.

Check out the recent tweet.

The announcement was received with enthusiasm by the community. said: “Running 21 nodes supporting our pool, minted 1 block so far… so without the stake the technical ability is worth nothing.”

Someone else posted this: “Yeah well, there are also pools out there with millions of ADA delegated for a bunch of epochs and zero minted blocks lifetime. You can’t have this bad luck. Without technical ability, stake is worth nothing as well.”

One commenter said: “I don’t want to sound exclusive but there are already heated debates about the small pools dying because there are 7x more pools than supported. Further recruitment will lead to disappointment followed by bad PR. We need to fix that first!”

Cardano supports WYO Hackathon

In other news, it’s been revealed that Cardano released an important and exciting announcement on their social media account. Check it out below.

On the official website, it’s noted that the third annual Wyoming Blockchain Stampede comprises six free virtual events, and it covers three main blockchain themes – Sources, Impact, and Implementation.

Cardano has been making lots of headlines lately, due to all kinds of exciting announcements and also plans that the team behind the project is working on these days.

If you’re wondering what’s the price of ADA, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the red and the coin is priced at $0.092001.

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