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Ethereum Community Conference (ETH) wondering If There will be an Event in 2021?

Ethereum Community Conference that took place in the month of March 2020 in Paris was meant to focus on technology, education and showcasing the changes in technology.  This event was organized for three times by Ethereum France for a cost. 

The Ethereum Community Conference produces so much of content.  And, their ambition was to keep growing both their audience and the numbers of speakers.  They were also hoping to improve on the reach with a new order of magnitude in the process of event production and other side events.

The opinion is that Asia is underrepresented in these event and they were thinking of increasing them.

However, with the pandemic, the current thought is about what will be about 2021?

EthCC – Ethereum Community Conference tweeted:  “3 months ago we were all in Paris.  From EthCC to the Ethereum Community: Thanks.”

Those who are new to the Ethereum Community Conference might want to check the long version of the medium article to know about the conference and everything about it.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum (ETH) is getting lot of user content generated for the system from cluster of community from across the world without formal prompting for content – Decentralized content creation indeed.  ”

Ethereum (ETH) Onboarding

Noteworthy to recollect some of the ideas by William Schwab about “How Can We Onboard Newcomers to Ethereum Better.”

Those who are looking to know more about Ethereum search for information online and very few people visit their org site.  A lot of Ethereum onboarding seems to be reportedly happening from Reddit. 

There needs to be a place where there can be lot of questioning and answering.  It needs to be a place where there are quality people giving quality answers.  This is the key to onboarding more users and developers. Anyone is looking for quality and ultimately it is about it.

Surface niches, which will prop up in places where prospective users are, is also a way to get people on to Ethereum by clarifying their concerns.

There are several people who are looking to contribute to the community, but are not sure of how to do it.  There are lot of help materials, but it brings in only some basic amount of knowledge.  Glossaries, which can give some basic insight in to basic concepts making things easier for new users.

Particularly, grass roots level Ethereum meetings can help users identify a place where they can find information related to what they are uniquely interested about.  This is also the best way to find one person to whom to get in touch with when looking for a bulk of information.

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