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Vitalik Buterin States ETH2 will be Just Fine without Trolls Testnet Early Adopter Cohort Signup in Progress

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Co-Founder expressed that they are looking for a commitment scheme to commit to a list of N Values (think N ~= 2**28) and he has also defined the properties.

Vitalik Buterin tweeted:  “To any interested cryptographers: this continues to be one of the more valuable not-yet-solved problems in making an optimal scalable blockchain. (Note to trolls: eth2 will be just fine without this; it would just be even better if we have it)”

With the goal for the “open problem: ideal vector commitment” clearly defined he stated that they have construction which mostly satisfies these goals.  He pointed to Merkle Trees, Kate Commitments, SNARK proofs over Merkle Trees using MIMC Pedersen, and RSA accumulators.

He stated that their goal is to have a ready construction that can be used for state storage constructions, eg. Multi-layer hashmaps for state storage.

Buterin also added, I should add that the current best candidate construction we have is just a SNARK/STARK over a Merkle tree. Anything that beats that would be amazing.

Despite Vitalik excused Trolls from participating one of the commentators expressed, “Put some cash on a prediction market claiming it won’t be solved.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum (ETH) have published Testnet Rollout Plans, early adopters, and path towards mainnet. “

Ethereum to deliver is feeling more urgent than ever.  Over the past 4 months, they have been working hard and there were lot of memes and messages, which kept them propelling forward.

Ethereum (ETH) Testnet

There has been an overwhelming demand for the roll out of a plan and they have decided on a gradual release plan.  They have to state that they will be integrating a small cohort of early adopters one at a time in order to ensure the best possible support to the pioneering project.

The first volunteers are Synthetix who are incentivizing the testnet usage providing 200,000 SNX in rewards to their users for participating.

“The testnet is currently open for public use, but not yet for public contract deployment.”

Reportedly, there will be Phase A, Phase B, Security Drill, and Phase C.

More of early adopters will be getting integrated in the process and they will be ready to deploy the sooner the full testnet is running.

They have concluded stating, projects which wish to join Synthetix, Uniswap, Chainlink and others as a part of their early adopter cohort can sign up.

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